Mobile Joomla! Pro Crazy Launch Specials & Contest

Thursday, 05 July 2012 00:00

Are you ready for the mobile Joomla! extravaganza?! Yesterday we launched Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template major 1.1 update and new Google Maps for Mobile Joomla! extension along with Kunena and JComments extension updates. Now we are getting ready to launch Mobile Joomla! Pro packed with all advanced features like Remote device detection, iPad support, online device simulator, backup & restore and more, with this crazy launch special deals and contest!

Crazy Launch Specials

Celebrating our biggest launch to the date, we are offering crazy launch special deals!

Be among the first 20 purchasing Mobile Joomla! Pro & receive crazy free pack!

If you are among the first 20 customers to purchase Mobile Joomla! Pro, you will get the crazy value pack, worth hundreds of dollars! (applies to any Mobile Joomla! Pro plan, but offer package limited to 1 per customer).

  • Free domain and Free 3 months hosting from the top Joomla! hosting provider
  • Free "Blogging With Joomla!" ebook from the one-and-only JoomlaBlogger
  • Free 1 month training from top Joomla! training resource OSTraining
  • Free newsletter template pack & 50% discount from fully-Joomla!-integrated newsletter and e-mail marketing software AcyMailing
  • Free copy of upcoming Mobile Joomla! tips and tricks ebook
  • 75% discount on any chosen template and plans with installation service from the Best Joomla! Templates provider Joomla-Monster


Purchase Mobile Joomla! Pro and receive massive value pack!

If you are not among the first 20 to buy Mobile Joomla! Pro, don't worry; we have more crazy deals for you! For a limited time, if you purchase Mobile Joomla! Pro, you will receive the massive value pack below! (Limited time only. Applies to any Mobile Joomla! Pro plan, but offer package limited to 1 per customer)

  • Free 3 months hosting from the top Joomla! hosting provider
  • Free copy of upcoming Mobile Joomla! tips and tricks ebook
  • 30% discount on all AcyMailing products
  • 25% discount on JoomlaBlogger's brand new ebook Blogging With Joomla!
  • 25% discount on all OSTraining training plans
  • 25% discount on all Joomla-Monster templates


Join the Contest for free Mobile Joomla! Pro license

Update July 10thThe competition is now over - big thanks to all who participated! The winner drawn was @sweup, congrats!

We are also running a crazy competition where you can win a free Mobile Joomla! Pro license + free access to all Mobile Joomla! premium extensions and templates + crazy free pack above!

Only thing you need is a valid Twitter account.

  1. Follow us on Twitter by clicking the "Follow" button above or this link
  2. Retweet our Twitter message by clicking "Retweet" button above or this link


  • The contest will run until Monday July 9th, 23:59 PST. We will announce the winner on Tuesday 10th.
  • We accept only one entry per person. Naturally you need to adhere to the Twitter rules.
  • We will randomly draw the winner in our sole discretion from legitimate entries and contact them via Twitter direct message.
  • You are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of your country. Void where illegal.

Good luck!

Thanks to all our friends!

We'd like to thank all our friends who help us to bring this crazy launch specials to you!

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Google Maps for Mobile Joomla! & Extension updates

Wednesday, 04 July 2012 18:00

Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template major 1.1 update was not the only news we wanted to give you today!

Google Maps Mobile Joomla! Extension

Here is the new member of Mobile Joomla! Extensions and templates family: Google Maps Mobile Joomla! Extension. Google Maps Mobile improves compatibility of third party Joomla extensions for Google Maps on Elegance Mobile Joomla! template, without configuration or changes to your existing content. No need for any setup: You install, it just works! Best of all is Google Maps Mobile Joomla! Extension is free for Elegance Mobile Joomla! template owners!

Google Maps mobile joomla

Kunena & JComments Mobile Joomla! Extension updates

Following major Elegance Mobile Joomla! template 1.1 update, our highly popular extensions Kunena Mobile Joomla! extension and JComments Mobile Joomla! extensions are also updated! If you upgraded your Elegance Mobile Joomla! template and use these extensions, do not forget to upgrade them as well.

Have you heard about Mobile Joomla! Pro?

If you have missed the news, we just announced the Mobile Joomla! Pro. Remote device detection, iPad support, online simulator, backup & restore, all packed into Mobile Joomla! Pro. We will reveal some exciting stuff tomorrow about it!


Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template 1.1 Update

Wednesday, 04 July 2012 00:00

Happy Independence Day to all our U.S. friends! We haven't stopped for the summer and keep on working hard: Let the new updates & improvements keep rolling in! This time we would like to announce that we just released a major update 1.1 to Elegance Mobile Joomla! template! There are enough improvements there that some guys might have released a whole new template, but we have included everything into Elegance - so if you purchased Elegance Mobile Joomla! template earlier, you will get all of these new features for free!

If you haven't got the JQuery Mobile and HTML5 powered Elegance Mobile Joomla! template yet, check out our previous showcase interview and use your phone to visit some of these sites that use Elegance.

Example sites using Elegance Mobile Joomla! template:

Here are some highlights from Elegance Mobile Joomla! template 1.1 update:

jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller Support

Elegance 1.1 has native support for themes generated with ThemeRoller for JQuery Mobile. Now you can easily generate your own color themes and use them on your website with Elegance template.

Major Page Load Speed Up

Mobile websites should be as agile as possible, so we have significantly improved page loading time. Test on Joomla! 2.5 website with demo data and default Mobile Joomla! settings shows 20% improvement for first page load, and 60% for subsequent AJAX-loaded pages.

New Transition Effects

4 new page transition effects are added to Elegance: Flip, Turn, Flow, and Slide Fade.

Improved AJAX Page Navigation

We reworked the AJAX navigation of Elegance to make it faster and more compatible with 3rd party extensions.

!! Important note about Upgrading Elegance from 1.0.x to 1.1 !!

There should be no problem upgrading Elegance 1.0 to 1.1, but we recommend you to backup your current Elegance template, especially if you have made any significant changes to the JS/CSS files. Also note that if you used custom_preload.txt files, you can remove most or all entries from them, because the updated AJAX navigation loads necessary JS/CSS files on the fly.

Oh by the way, tomorrow we will reveal something cool about Mobile Joomla! Pro, stay tuned ;)


Introducing Mobile Joomla! Pro

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to take your mobile web experience to a completely new level: We are proud to introduce...*drum roll*...Mobile Joomla! Pro!

Mobile Joomla! Pro

Mobile Joomla! Pro is packed with great new features for our advanced users and will be launched as soon as next week. To get things even crazier, we decided to throw a big launch party together with our good friends. If you act fast, you will not only be amongst those to put hands on Mobile Joomla! Pro, but also enjoy exclusive benefits from some of the top Joomla! companies. We will reveal more about the very special launch offer shortly - follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the edge!

In the meanwhile, let's take a look at some of the Mobile Joomla! Pro features. In the Pro version we have a great number of features that we know our heavy users will appreciate. We've listened to your feedback and needs, and our vision is clear where to take Mobile Joomla!.

Remote Device Detection

If there's one thing sure about the mobile market, it is that the rapid change won't slow down. Almost every day there are multiple new devices launching in the market, meaning that you need to do constant updates to your device database to make sure new mobile devices are recognized correctly. However, Mobile Joomla! Pro makes your life a lot easier, using our own server based device detection that always has your back - so you will have guaranteed support for all new devices with no more manual device database updates!

Online Device Simulator

Testing mobile websites has always triggered many questions on our forums. We've now implemented a tool that will make it a lot faster and easier to tweak your site - with the mobile device simulators included in the Mobile Joomla! Pro backend you can check how your changes affect your site on the fly!

Mobile Joomla! Pro online device simulator

Tablet/iPad Support

For those who also want to serve a customized template to tablets, we now have the option for you! Trigger the switch and Mobile Joomla! Pro will show iPad and other tablets an optimized website instead of your standard desktop site.

Mobile Joomla! Pro iPad

HD/Retina Images

Apple introduced the hi-resolution "Retina" screens to iPhone and iPad - now you can use hi-res images with Mobile Joomla! Pro without an extra hassle for the greatest user experience. Mobile Joomla! Pro engine takes into account the real screen resolution, so rescaled images will display with the best quality on the device.

Mobile Joomla! Pro iPad

Backup & Restore Settings

With Mobile Joomla! Pro you can easily backup and restore your Mobile Joomla! Pro settings. Great feature also for admins and web developers who often have to migrate/copy their setup to use on different client projects.

No Support Ads

As you know Mobile Joomla! comes with Support Ads by default at the bottom of each page. In Mobile Joomla! Pro you won't get these ads by default.

Premium Support

As a Mobile Joomla! Pro user you will get access to our premium Pro forum to make sure you get the best help for making your mobile website shine.

Now download Mobile Joomla! and go check out Mobile Joomla! Pro product page for documentation and FAQ. If you have questions we are there to answer all your questions at Presales Forums before you buy Mobile Joomla! Pro.


Kunena 2.0 Mobile Joomla! Support Available

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 00:00

Kunena Mobile Joomla! extensionGreat news! Kunena Mobile Joomla! extension now also supports Kunena 2.0!

The Kunena team announced today that they have finally officially released the long-awaited 2.0 version which has been over two years in the making. In this version the Kunena team has fixed many issues, added new functionality, and basically reworked the whole structure of the component. Kunena is now more robust than ever before.

Kunena Mobile Joomla! extension has been designed and developed in cooperation with the Kunena core team, and your each purchase will support their development. The extension comes with a full year of priority support, documentation, and continuous improvement. It runs great on iPhone, Android, and lots of others - all HTML5 and CSS3 powered by JQuery Mobile and our Elegance Mobile Joomla! template.

If you have purchased the extension already, you will find the Elegance 1.0.4 package with support for Kunena 2.0 in the downloads area.



Mobile Joomla! 1.1 is released

Tuesday, 26 June 2012 00:00

Your favorite way to mobilize Joomla! has just got better: Mobile Joomla! 1.1 is now available to download! We've fixed various issues and made the installation package three times smaller than before.

The biggest change you will notice with Mobile Joomla! 1.1 is the device detection mechanism selection during installation and upgrade process. As you may know, we have been using open source TeraWURFL database to identify devices. As Mobile Joomla! itself, TerWURFL evolved in time into DB API by Scientia Mobile and licensed under AGPL license. Since Mobile Joomla! is licensed under GPLv2, we wanted to make this as clear as possible for the convenience.

DB API solution comes without any extra cost, courtesy of Scientia mobile. If you decide to use AGPL licensed Scientia Mobile DB API, you will need to read and agree wit the license terms to proceed. If AGPL licensing does not suit your needs or you do not wish to use DB API for another reason, you just can skip this option and our own device detection mechanism will be used by default.

If you have any questions or comments on this issue, please let us know here.

Mobile Joomla! 1.1 improvements and fixes

  • Smaller installation package (0.6Mb instead of 1.9Mb)
  • Improved install process
  • Improved Mobile-Simple detector plugin (this plugin provides basic device detection in the case of any problems with database-based Scientia Mobile and Mobile Joomla! device detection plugins)
  • Fixed issue with styles not being applied correctly in mobile_iphone template
  • A few other minor bug fixes

Midsummer Madness Sale!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 00:00

The summer is getting hotter in the north and we're going crazy! Now you've got a chance to save big by acting quickly before heading off to beach.

Use the code MJMIDSUMMERMDS at checkout to get -40% off of ALL Mobile Joomla! products for today Wednesday June 20th and Thursday 21st!
The same code will give you -30% for Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd, and -15% for Sunday 24th and Monday 25th.

Seize the opportunity - the faster you are the more you save!


Photo by Sami Niemelä


At J and Beyond this weekend, thank you!

Friday, 18 May 2012 00:00

We are participating in J and Beyond (or "JaB"), the biggest international Joomla! event taking place this weekend (!) in Germany.

There are 6 keynotes and 75 sessions hosted by over 70 speakers. The event will also host the Joomla Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition awards (J.O.S.C.A.R.), to recognize the very best talent in the Joomla community.

With your support, Mobile Joomla! has been nominated in the Free Joomla Add-ons category!! The participants of the conference have now chance to vote for the winners. We're humbled and very happy to be among nominees, no matter of the outcome. Thank you all our supporters!

To share the excitement and to thank you for the support, you can get -15% off of all Mobile Joomla! products - JComments and Kunena Mobile Joomla extensions and Elegance Mobile Joomla template - with the code MJJABGPEX15 at checkout! It's valid until May 22. Please share the love!

Finally, even if you couldn't make it to the event, did you know that you can watch the J and Beyond livestream

You can keep on the pulse also by following the Twitter hashtag #jab12.

Have a great weekend!


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