Announcing Mobile 3.6 and Page Speed Optimizer 1.4

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 13:31

The latest release of Mobile 3.6 and PSO 1.4 are now available. This version brings a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the performance and functionality of your website.

What's New:

  • Added "Display" options for loading Web Fonts/Google Fonts
  • Added Preconnect settings section
  • Added JavaScript Modules section to Preloads
  • Added "Legacy code" option for PWA (based on static tags for splash screens)
  • Added error message when installing Mobile together with Page Speed Optimizer extension (only one optimization extension should be used)
  • Added initial Redis/KeyDB cache support [Pro]
  • Added "Passive event listeners" option [Pro]
  • Fixed issue with JavaScript minification
  • Fixed issue with "Override Viewport" feature
  • Fixed issue with "Link headers" mode for DNS-prefetch
  • Fixed issue with CSS relocation in "Inline CSS for First-Time Visitors"
  • Fixed issue with script execution order in "Non-blocking JavaScript" mode [Pro]
  • Improved caching under heavy load
  • Improved work of "Non-blocking JavaScript" feature
  • Improved asynchronous loading of CSS with "Above-the-fold CSS" feature
  • Improved work of "preload" tags generation
  • Improved detection of width and height for SVG images
  • Improved work of native lazy loading
  • Minor bugfixes/typos

As always, Important Notice: Before upgrading, please make sure you have a complete backup of your website. This precaution will help you avoid any data loss or downtime during the upgrade process.

Stay connected and keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates by subscribing to our social media channels: like our Facebook page and follow us on X/Twitter. Thank you for your continued support and for choosing MobileJoomla! Happy updating!


Introducing Page Speed Optimizer 1.3 and Mobile 3.5

Monday, 19 February 2024 19:25

We are pleased to announce the release of Page Speed Optimizer 1.3 (both Free and Pro editions) and Mobile 3.5 (also available in Free and Pro editions) extensions. These releases are packed with bug fixes, performance optimizations, and exciting new features, including:

  • Support for inlined JS/CSS for first-time visitors
  • Improved loading of JavaScript polyfills
  • Lazy loading of YouTube videos (Pro version)
  • DOM size reduction (Pro version)

In addition, we are pleased to offer a User Guide for Page Speed Optimizer, providing users with valuable optimization tips, tutorials, and best practices.

Furthermore, the Mobile Adaptive 3.5 addon for adaptive design has been released alongside these updates.

We value your feedback and welcome any suggestions to further improve these releases. Please don't hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Unleashing Power: Page Speed Optimizer 1.2 and Mobile 3.4 Steal the Spotlight

Thursday, 18 January 2024 14:34

Today marks an exciting milestone as we unveil a series of significant updates to our arsenal of optimization tools. With the debut of Page Speed Optimizer 1.2.0 and Mobile 3.4.0, we're introducing a plethora of features and enhancements designed to improve your website's performance and user experience. Let's dive into the specifics of these groundbreaking releases and explore how they have the potential to revolutionize your online presence.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Integration:

  • Keep track of your website's performance with the newly added Google PageSpeed Insights score display.

2. Enhanced Image Mastery:

  • Ensure optimal rendering by detecting width and height for SVG images.
  • Take control of your visuals by monitoring and clearing the cache of Low-Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP) images.

3. Asset Optimization:

  • Introduce Brotli compression to optimize assets, further reducing page load times.

4. New Pro Features:

  • Leverage advanced features such as CDN support.
  • Improve load speed with asynchronous loading of Google Fonts.
  • Revolutionize page load efficiency with lazy loading for background images.
  • Tackle Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) by skipping the first elements from lazy loading.
  • Self-hosting capabilities for WebP and AVIF images.

5. Bug Squashing and Performance Flourish:

  • General performance optimizations.
  • Issues with script execution order, the "Preload URLs" feature, lazy video loading, JavaScript minification, and animated APNG images have been addressed.
  • Improved page cache flushing.
  • Fix uninstall process to properly remove the cache directory.

6. Mobile Adaptive 3.4.0:

  • Fixed mobile homepage detection.
  • Updated Adaptive Mobile Device Detection (AMDD) database.

7. Mobile 2.1.55:

  • Backporting the latest enhancements from Mobile Adaptive 3.4.0 ensures that legacy Mobile 2.1.55 is armed with the cutting-edge features.

With the release of Page Speed Optimizer 1.2.0 and Mobile 3.4.0, we're empowering you to take control of your site's speed and responsiveness. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating these cutting-edge updates and delivering an unparalleled user experience to your audience. Upgrade today and experience the transformative impact on your website's performance. The power is in your hands.

Do not forget to backup your website before updating!

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Mobile 3.3 and Page Speed Optimizer 1.1 Updates Unleashed!

Friday, 01 December 2023 10:41

The Mobile 3.3, Mobile Adaptive 3.3, and Page Speed Optimizer 1.1 extension releases are finally here. In these versions we have improved the optimization of CSS images and the self-hosting of external resources in the Pro versions.

As always, you can update to the new version using the Auto Update feature or by downloading the package from our Extensions directory and installing it from the backend. Do not forget to backup your website before updating!

Remember to subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on X/Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news.


Mobile 3.2.5 and Page Speed Optimizer 1.0.4 released!

Wednesday, 01 November 2023 19:07

We're pleased to inform you about the latest update for Mobile and Page Speed Optimizer extensions, which focuses on fixing issues related to the "Logging Level," "Swap Webfonts," and "Viewport" features.

We recommend that all users upgrade to this version to ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience. You can easily access the update through the extension's dashboard or the built-in update feature within your Joomla website.

We appreciate your continued support and valuable feedback, which have played a crucial role in shaping these improvements. If you encounter any challenges or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Happy updating!


Mobile Templates now fully compatible with Joomla! 5.0 and PHP 8.2

Tuesday, 10 October 2023 14:51

Our entire lineup of Mobile Joomla templates now offers seamless compatibility with Joomla 5.0 and PHP 8.2. However, before you rush to update your templates, it's important to take a moment to ensure a smooth transition. We recommend updating to Mobile 3.2 first to avoid any potential conflicts.


Introducing Mobile 3.2 and Mobile Pro 3.2

Tuesday, 10 October 2023 10:35

We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of our popular Mobile Joomla! extension. This update brings several improvements and enhancements to the underlying framework, making it more user-friendly, faster, and more powerful than ever before.

What's New in Mobile 3.2 and Mobile Pro 3.2? These versions include all the new features from Page Speed Optimizer 1.0.RC, such as support for Joomla!5, a Troubleshooting section, lightning-fast tagged page cache, and more. In addition, we have addressed some fixes and improvements related to the adaptive design approach.

As always, we highly recommend that users make a backup before upgrading to the latest version of the extension. This precaution ensures that you can revert to a previous version in case of any issues.

We warmly welcome any feedback from our users regarding this new release. If you have any questions or comments about the latest version of the extension, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

PS. Don't forget that the Mobile Joomla! extension has an IDKFA cheat code that, when typed in the Dashboard, opens the Advanced Settings page, and an IDDQD code that resets all settings to their default values.


Introducing Page Speed Optimizer: Release Candidate

Tuesday, 10 October 2023 10:17

In the fast-paced world of website optimization, speed reigns supreme. Faster loading times enhance user experiences and boost search engine rankings. Joomla users have relied on various tools and extensions to improve performance, and now there's a new player - the Page Speed Optimizer extension. We're excited to unveil the first "Release Candidate" and introduce the Pro version. Join us as we explore what this extension has to offer.

What's New in Page Speed Optimizer RC1?

Here are the key improvements:

1. Joomla 5 Support
Page Speed Optimizer RC1 is fully compatible with Joomla 5.

2. Troubleshooting Section
We've added a troubleshooting section to help you resolve unique website issues.

3. CLI Tools for Optimization (Pro)
The Pro version introduces support of CLI tools, including JPEGoptim, OptiPNG, GIFsicle, SVGo, CSSo, and UglifyJS, for comprehensive optimization. These tools cover image, style, and script optimization, ensuring lightning-fast performance.

4. Font-Display: Swap Support
Improve loading speed with built-in support for the font-display:swap CSS property.

5. "Set Width/Height" Settings
Optionally set image width and height attributes to prevent layout shifts during rendering.

6. Separate Qualities for JPEG, WebP, and AVIF Formats
Set different quality levels for various image formats.

7. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
We've fixed issues, made improvements, and enhanced overall performance.

Upgrade with Confidence: Make a Backup

Before upgrading or installing the Page Speed Optimizer, create a full Joomla website backup for safety.

Compatibility with Mobile 3.x

The Page Speed Optimizer and the Mobile extensions share the same optimization core. Therefore, only one of them can be installed. However, rest assured, the Mobile Joomla extension includes all the features of the Page Speed Optimizer, along with responsive and mobile-specific optimizations.

Get Started with Page Speed Optimizer

Ready to supercharge your Joomla website's speed? Download Page Speed Optimizer RC1 today and feel the difference. For advanced optimization, consider upgrading to the Pro version with more advanced features.

Download Page Speed Optimizer 1.0.RC

Upgrade to Page Speed Optimizer Pro 1.0.RC

Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements as we continue to refine Page Speed Optimizer for Joomla users. Share your feedback and suggestions in our support forums.


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