Introducing Page Speed Optimizer: Release Candidate

In the fast-paced world of website optimization, speed reigns supreme. Faster loading times enhance user experiences and boost search engine rankings. Joomla users have relied on various tools and extensions to improve performance, and now there's a new player - the Page Speed Optimizer extension. We're excited to unveil the first "Release Candidate" and introduce the Pro version. Join us as we explore what this extension has to offer.

What's New in Page Speed Optimizer RC1?

Here are the key improvements:

1. Joomla 5 Support
Page Speed Optimizer RC1 is fully compatible with Joomla 5.

2. Troubleshooting Section
We've added a troubleshooting section to help you resolve unique website issues.

3. CLI Tools for Optimization (Pro)
The Pro version introduces support of CLI tools, including JPEGoptim, OptiPNG, GIFsicle, SVGo, CSSo, and UglifyJS, for comprehensive optimization. These tools cover image, style, and script optimization, ensuring lightning-fast performance.

4. Font-Display: Swap Support
Improve loading speed with built-in support for the font-display:swap CSS property.

5. "Set Width/Height" Settings
Optionally set image width and height attributes to prevent layout shifts during rendering.

6. Separate Qualities for JPEG, WebP, and AVIF Formats
Set different quality levels for various image formats.

7. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
We've fixed issues, made improvements, and enhanced overall performance.

Upgrade with Confidence: Make a Backup

Before upgrading or installing the Page Speed Optimizer, create a full Joomla website backup for safety.

Compatibility with Mobile 3.x

The Page Speed Optimizer and the Mobile extensions share the same optimization core. Therefore, only one of them can be installed. However, rest assured, the Mobile Joomla extension includes all the features of the Page Speed Optimizer, along with responsive and mobile-specific optimizations.

Get Started with Page Speed Optimizer

Ready to supercharge your Joomla website's speed? Download Page Speed Optimizer RC1 today and feel the difference. For advanced optimization, consider upgrading to the Pro version with more advanced features.

Download Page Speed Optimizer 1.0.RC

Upgrade to Page Speed Optimizer Pro 1.0.RC

Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements as we continue to refine Page Speed Optimizer for Joomla users. Share your feedback and suggestions in our support forums.

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