Top Performance

Mobile visitors expect pages to load in 4 seconds or less. Mobile Joomla! is the best solution, also when used with Responsive Joomla! Templates, automatically optimizing your images, JavaScript & CSS files for faster loading, lower bounce, longer visits.

Best User Experience

Besides a rich selection of Mobile Joomla! Templates & Extensions, Mobile Joomla! serves device type-specific content that are rendered on the server-side, serving only what your visitors need for best user experience.

It just works!

No matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned Joomla! guru, Mobile Joomla! is very easy to get started, use & advance. It takes literally a couple of minutes to mobilize your Joomla! website, improve the performance & conversions on mobile.

Mobile Joomla! is awesome

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Latest News

Joomla! 4.0 and our plans

August 17th by mobilejoomla

Mobile 2.1.48 has been released with a few bugfixes and updated mobile device database.

January 5th by mobilejoomla

Mobile 2.1.45 has been released

April 21st by mobilejoomla

Mobile 2.1.44 Release

December 5th by mobilejoomla

Bepaint your mobile template! (Mobile Flat, Mobile Square, and Mobile iOS9)

October 30th by mobilejoomla

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