Mobile Joomla! License Agreement

  • "Mobile Joomla! Product" means any Mobile Joomla! Software product (including but not limited to extensions, components, modules, plugins, templates, language files, documents and each combination formed) or software code included, attached, related, downloaded or viewed, in each case, created, supplied or owned by Kuneri Ltd.
  • "PHP Elements" means any PHP file, code or element.
  • "Non-PHP Elements" means any file, code, element that is not PHP file, code or element, such as (including but not limited to) image, CSS or JavaScript.
  1. Every and each Mobile Joomla! Product is released under GNU/GPL v2 license for the PHP Elements.
  2. Every and each Mobile Joomla! Product is released under Mobile Joomla! Proprietary License for the Non-PHP Elements. The Non-PHP Elements are not compiled together with PHP, but instead sent independent of PHP code and combined in a client's browser, which is why they are not GNU/GPLv2 compliant as stated by the GNU/GPLv2 license.
  3. Access to all online services owned by Kuneri Ltd. and used by Mobile Joomla! Product (including but not limited to the remote device database service) is licensed per one domain. You agree to provide a correct URL (where it’s required). Online services are optional and the extensions are fully functional even without these optional services.
  4. We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement without any notice, however we commit to inform you for major changes.

For more info, see our Mobile Joomla! Licensing FAQ

For any other questions you might have please contact Mobile Joomla! at hello[a@t]mobilejoomla[d.t]com

The services hereunder are offered by Kuneri Ltd. located at PO 811, 00101, Helsinki/Finland.

© Kuneri - Last reviewed December 2018

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