Mobile 3.0 Beta-testing

Hello! We would like to invite everyone to participate in the public beta testing of Mobile 3.0, which has the following differences compared to the stable version 2.1:

  1. Supports Joomla! 2.5-4.1 and PHP 5.6-8.1.
  2. Everything related to adaptive design (i.e. using a separate template for the mobile version) is moved to the separate package Mobile Adaptive. Without it, Mobile 3.0 works in a "responsive design" mode, i.e. optimizes your existing template.
  3. Now both the mobile version and the desktop version are being optimized so that there is no need to install additional optimizing extensions (and resolve conflicts that may arise).
  4. Added support for "responsive" (which adjusts to screen width) images, tables, videos (HTML5/YouTube/Vimeo/Kickstarter/Twitch), and other embedded elements (Google Maps/Docs/Sheets/Slides and Facebook posts).*
  5. Page optimization code has been significantly redesigned to achieve maximum performance (and to get closer to 100/100 in PageSpeed Insights tests):*
    • Off-request optimization mode in which the page is given to the first visitor as quickly as possible with minimal optimization, after which some extra operations are performed in the background (image optimization, compression by the brotli algorithm, etc.), and the fully optimized page is sent to subsequent visitors.
    • Generation and use of the so-called above-the-fold CSS styles for the main page with asynchronous loading of other styles.
    • Support of DNS prefetch and URL preload.
    • Automatic generation of the srcset attribute for images.
    • Google Fonts loading optimization.
  6. Implemented a page caching, which is much faster than the built-in "System-Page Cache" plugin in Joomla! and is based on a tagged cache, i.e. allows to automatically update the cache when necessary (e.g. creation or editing of articles).
  7. Support of Progressive Web Application (PWA).

* Some features are only available in the Mobile Pro version.

Here are the download links for the packages:

You can either install Mobile 3.0 from scratch or update the existing installation. In the latter case, most likely, you will also need to install the Mobile Adaptive plugin and the new version of the mobile template.

Just in case, do not forget to backup your website before installing/updating beta-version of Mobile 3.0!

We have created a separate forum section to discuss any issues that arise: Mobile Joomla! 3.0 Beta Testing. For private discussions, you can contact us by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Any feedback is welcome!

P.S. Do not be afraid to experiment: if something went wrong during testing, you can always restore the settings to their original state by simply typing the code "IDDQD" (w/o quotes) in the admin panel of the Mobile extension.

P.P.S. There is also a secret mode for additional settings (code "IDKFA"): there, in particular, you can switch to using ImageMagick for image processing, enable support for webp and avif formats, use the jpegoptim and optipng utilities, and configure a bunch of other settings that are still under development and not moved to the "main" settings yet.

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