Unleashing Power: Page Speed Optimizer 1.2 and Mobile 3.4 Steal the Spotlight

Today marks an exciting milestone as we unveil a series of significant updates to our arsenal of optimization tools. With the debut of Page Speed Optimizer 1.2.0 and Mobile 3.4.0, we're introducing a plethora of features and enhancements designed to improve your website's performance and user experience. Let's dive into the specifics of these groundbreaking releases and explore how they have the potential to revolutionize your online presence.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Integration:

  • Keep track of your website's performance with the newly added Google PageSpeed Insights score display.

2. Enhanced Image Mastery:

  • Ensure optimal rendering by detecting width and height for SVG images.
  • Take control of your visuals by monitoring and clearing the cache of Low-Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP) images.

3. Asset Optimization:

  • Introduce Brotli compression to optimize assets, further reducing page load times.

4. New Pro Features:

  • Leverage advanced features such as CDN support.
  • Improve load speed with asynchronous loading of Google Fonts.
  • Revolutionize page load efficiency with lazy loading for background images.
  • Tackle Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) by skipping the first elements from lazy loading.
  • Self-hosting capabilities for WebP and AVIF images.

5. Bug Squashing and Performance Flourish:

  • General performance optimizations.
  • Issues with script execution order, the "Preload URLs" feature, lazy video loading, JavaScript minification, and animated APNG images have been addressed.
  • Improved page cache flushing.
  • Fix uninstall process to properly remove the cache directory.

6. Mobile Adaptive 3.4.0:

  • Fixed mobile homepage detection.
  • Updated Adaptive Mobile Device Detection (AMDD) database.

7. Mobile 2.1.55:

  • Backporting the latest enhancements from Mobile Adaptive 3.4.0 ensures that legacy Mobile 2.1.55 is armed with the cutting-edge features.

With the release of Page Speed Optimizer 1.2.0 and Mobile 3.4.0, we're empowering you to take control of your site's speed and responsiveness. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating these cutting-edge updates and delivering an unparalleled user experience to your audience. Upgrade today and experience the transformative impact on your website's performance. The power is in your hands.

Do not forget to backup your website before updating!

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