Mobile Joomla! Showcase – Sandvikengården Youth Camp of Sweden

Martin FrykbergSandvikengården is a camp, youth hostel, and a canoe center located in the middle of the forest by the beautiful Värmeln lake in Sweden. With respectable 80 years of history, they offer fantastic and luxurious environment for holiday where guests can enjoy exploring the beach, garden, and experience the beauty of Western Sweden Värmland.

With 30 canoes, 2 kayaks, private bath, church, and beautiful cottages located next to the lake, Sandvikengården has been on people’s top choice for one stop holiday place in Brunskog, Sweden. They also offer various camp programs such as school, music, fall conference, confirmation camp, etc.

Sandvikengården’s director Martin Frykberg was among the first ones to purchase Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template, so we wanted to have a chat with him to see how his experience has been.

Mobile Joomla! (MJ): Why did you want a mobile website?

Sandvikengården - Mobile Joomla! Template EleganceMartin: Based on our evaluation, we saw that the number of mobile visitors is increasing from day to day. I certainly believe that the number will keep on growing in this mobile era. Also mobile visitors, who are usually young people, are extremely potential target for our business niche. Hence, it was very important for us to build a mobile-friendly website, to make browsing more comfortable for mobile users.

MJ: Why did you select Mobile Joomla! ?

Martin: The primary reasons why we chose Mobile Joomla! are its simplicity, and fast and easy installation. We looked around, and we got some offers from mobile website providers, starting from several hundreds of Euros upwards. So far, we haven’t seen any of them get close to our expectations except Mobile Joomla!

MJ: How has your initial Mobile Joomla! experience been?

Sandvikengården Facebook widget - Mobile Joomla! Template EleganceMartin: Mobile Joomla! is definitely the perfect choice for building mobile website. It’s very simple, and you can quickly start setting up the site after the installation. You can have your mobile site running in an hour or even less! Surely, we can also update, revise or customize our mobile site for better performance. Everything is at your fingertips. I have never imagined that building mobile website would be particularly easy. However, with Mobile Joomla!, the total time for us to develop the mobile side was just two days, during which we did fine-tuning, classified mobile website menu, placed collapsible modules, and reviewed a few other functionalities, which we do not need yet or didn’t work the way we expected.

MJ: Did you encounter any problems, and have you used our customer support forums?

Martin: Yeah, we had some hiccups and installation problems at the start, but all problems were quickly solved. We were really pleased with the Mobile Joomla! support - we got quickly solutions to our problems, everything was really professional and we got fast responses to the questions. I won’t hesitate to recommend Mobile Joomla! products and services to my friends, co-workers and other Joomla! users.

MJ: Can you tell us why you upgraded to Elegance template?

Sandvikengården Menu - Mobile Joomla! Template EleganceMartin: I did try the Mobile Joomla! standard template, and it worked well for us. However, we decided to upgrade to the premium Mobile Joomla! template Elegance, as we wanted to explore more sophisticated smartphone features. Especially, we like the interface and how it combines collapsible menus, the iPhone web app possibility, and the elegant style.

Elegance template was definitely worth the small investment, as we intend to provide great mobile experience for our users. Indeed, travellers are very often mobile, and finding information fast while they were on the road is very important for them. A mobile website can definitely save their time, and Mobile Joomla! can make it even faster!

We'd like to thank Martin for his time, support and business! If you also would like to get showcased with your Mobile Joomla! project, please send us an email at with subject "Mobile Joomla! Showcase"

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