Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template Release Notes

2.0.29 (16.09.2019)

performance optimizations

2.0.28 (16.08.2019)

Fixed processing of exclusion rules in the Mobile_Basic template's css/custom_preload.txt file; Fixed error in mod_feed layout file (Joomla!3.x); Added support of * wildcard in custom_preload.txt files' exclusion rules

2.0.27 (11.06.2019)

Fixed js/css filtering using custom_preload.txt; added "queryless" comparison for URLs in custom_preload.txt

2.0.26 (14.05.2019)

Fixed support of "Target Window" menuitem's parameter; fixed incorrect URLs rebase in AJAX navigation; fixed issue with global $ variable in "Remove Other jQuery Libraries" mode

2.0.25 (06.05.2019)

Fixed possible XSS vulnerability in the jQueryMobile framework; fixed issue with id duplication in the case of AJAX navigation; fixed issue with "Load MooTools" option

2.0.24 (01.05.2019)

Fixed processing of script tag contents in AJAX mode; changed search popup to be borderless and auto-focused

2.0.23 (22.04.2019)

Fixed issue with URL escaping of AJAX-loaded of scripts/styles; fixed support of swatch-* parameter in module's class suffix; fixed "Load MooTools" option for Joomla! 1.5

2.0.22 (04.03.2019)

Updated Login module layout for Joomla! 3.x; fixed login layout of Users component for Joomla! 3.x; fixed duplication of "#" URL item in submenu of menu module; fixed menu module layout in Joomla! 2.5

2.0.21 (28.11.2018)

Changes are listed here: Premium templates: November 2018 Update

2.0.20 (25.12.2017)

Fixed support of iOS 11 in Add-to-Home script

2.0.13 (16.06.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! 2.1.10 released and Premium Templates updates

2.0.11 (14.03.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! 2.1.5 + Premium Template Updates Released

2.0.8 (11.01.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! templates update: Elegance 2.0.8, Flat 2.0.8, iOS9 1.0.3, Square 1.0.2

2.0.0 (14.08.2015)

Initial release of Mobile Elegance 2.0

1.3.25 (30.07.2015)

fix incorrect URL for jQueryMobile in component.php and error.php; update jQuery to latest versions 1.11.4 and 2.1.4; support unquoted url() in css combiner; fix conflict with jQueryUI library; fix conflict with Bootstrap button plugin; fix .htaccess file

1.3.19 (13.02.2014)

Debug mode (use nonminified js/css files without combining); fixed white headerbar in WebApp mode (iOS7); added option to minimize height of Safari bar on iOS7; added jQuery 1.11.0/2.1.0 and separate option for jQuery Migrate; support jQuery CDN over HTTPS

1.3.18 (23.01.2014)

Update FastClick library; update Lazy Load XT jQuery plugin; fix left/right margin of listviews in content area; fix load of js/custom.js

1.3.17 (09.12.2013)

Update lazy loading plugin to Lazy Load XT 0.8.2

1.3.16 (22.11.2013)

Fix uploading of iPhone5 startup image

1.3.15 (06.11.2013)

Add parameter to fix conflict with bootstrap css styles; fix removing of javascripts using js/custom_preload.txt; add update server to check for new versions (note: autoupdate doesn't work)

1.3.14 (01.11.2013)

Fixed compatibility with IIS; improved jQueryEasy compatibility; updated lazy image loading script

1.3.13 (30.10.2013)

Fixed work in subdirectory; fixed Homepage Background Tile feature

1.3.12 (21.10.2013)

Fixed headerbar in tablet mode; fixed compatibility with J!1.6

1.3.11 (15.10.2013)

Changes are listed here: Elegance 1.3.11 and Flat 1.0.15 templates have been released

1.3.10 (19.09.2013)

Fixed "Class 'JPath' not found" error

1.3.9 (18.09.2013)

Fixed "Call-time pass-by-reference" error

1.3.8 (16.09.2013)

Fixed work of assets combining for Joomla installed in site's subdirectory

1.3.7 (14.09.2013)

Fixed top module #1 padding; fixed sidebar panel (tablet mode); fixed issue with js reloading; fixed conflict with jQueryEasy 1.5; fixed work in WebApp mode on iOS 7; fixed conflict with chosen.jquery.js in J!3.1; updated FastClick to ver 0.6.10; updated LazyImages script.

1.3.6 (30.08.2013)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! templates Elegance 1.3.6 and Flat 1.0.10 have been released

1.3.5 (12.08.2013)

Fixed swatches lists generation; fixed compatibility with sh404sef and AceSEF; shorter combined assets names; set browser's cache lifetime to 7 days; added jQuery 2.0 (note: officially jQueryMobile 1.3.2 supports jQuery 1.9.x only); fixed conflict with jQuery's Chosen plugin (J!3.0)

1.3.4 (02.08.2013)

Fixed PHP Notice on error page; fixed cache path; support "tags" meta-header in J!3.1

1.3.3 (31.07.2013)

Fixed Fatal Error in Content-Page Navigation plugin (J!3.x)

1.3.2 (30.07.2013)

Changes are listed here: Elegance 1.3.2 and Flat 1.0.6 have been released

1.3.1 (21.06.2013)

Improve jQuery/jQueryUI detecting; fix issue with call to isEmbeddedPage; fix & improve ajax loading of js/css; minify add2home loader.

1.3.0 (18.06.2013)

Based on latest version 1.3.1 of the jQuery Mobile framework; updated codebase with significant performance improvements (previously included in our new Flat Mobile Joomla! template); new handy backend interface; new template settings (like background color and image); improved compatibility with 3rd party extensions (incl. jQueryEasy plugin, and jQueryUI-based extensions like jReviews, etc.)

1.2.8 (05.06.2013)

Support mtupgrade plugin (J!1.5); fixed theme upload; fixed registration form; fixed canonical URL tag

1.2.7 (10.04.2013)

Fixed modules layout in tablet mode

1.2.6 (25.03.2013)

Fixed repeated css loading in ajax mode; fixed Mobile Menu and Select Markup modules in tablet mode; fixed Joomla!3.0 compatibility

1.2.5 (07.02.2013)

Fixed issue with localized strings in add2home script

1.2.4 (21.01.2013)

Fixed display problems with Windows Phone 8; Updated add-to-homescreen script to the latest version; Added support for iPad Retina webapp icon (144x144 px); Included samples of iPad icons (72x72 and 144x144 px); Added support for additional webapp startup images (640x920 iPhone retina, 640x1096 iPhone 5, 768x1004 iPad portrait, 1024x748 iPad landscape, 1536x2008 iPad retina portrait, 2048x1496 iPad retina landscape)

1.2.3 (19.12.2012)

Fix hash processing in the case of disabled ajax navigation; fix unclosed tags in Joomla!1.5; fix height of external images

1.2.2 (14.11.2012)

Fix styles in jQM-1.1.0 mode; fix warning in process.php (J!1.5)

1.2.1 (07.11.2012)

Optional use of jQueryMobile 1.1.0 (backward compatibility with Elegance 1.1.x); fix onBeforeCompileHead event; add support of anchor_css parameter mobile menu module; fix possible "Strict standards" notice in J!1.5

1.2.0 (09.10.2012)

Joomla!3.0 support; jQueryMobile 1.2.0; support iPhone 5; add popup style for modules

1.1.7 (04.09.2012)

Fix possible "Invalid Token" error; fix conflict with .separator class; additional error checks in theme uploader

1.1.6 (03.08.2012)

Fix javascript preloading in J!1.5

1.1.5 (30.07.2012)

Fix anchor navigation in non-ajax mode

1.1.4 (23.07.2012)

Improve AJAX navigation; fix form submission in webapp mode

1.1.3 (16.07.2012)

Improve AJAX navigation; use AJAX for search forms; several minor fixes

1.1.2 (10.07.2012)

Fix placeholder for password fields; fix content width issue

1.1.1 (06.07.2012)

Fix issue with collapsed elements; fix processing of joomla redirects; fix for extended form ids format

1.1.0 (04.07.2012)

Native ThemeRoller support; page load speed up; update jQueryMobile to ver. 1.1; new transitions effects (Flip, Turn, Flow, and Slide Fade); improved ajax page navigation; several minor fixes

1.0.14 (04.06.2012)

Fix form submission

1.0.13 (28.05.2012)

Fix placeholders position in inputboxes; several minor fixes

1.0.12 (11.05.2012)

Fix duplicated page titles; fix overwritting icons and splash screen on update; fix issue with displaying of checkboxes and radiobuttons; graceful degradation for anchors; fix padding of submenu items; fix https warning; disable ajax for images and pdf

1.0.11 (30.04.2012)

Update template layouts to Joomla!2.5.4; new layout for category view; add "Forgot ..." links to J!1.5 login form (to be the same as in J!2.5); several minor fixes

1.0.10 (27.04.2012)

Fix issue with external URLs in menus; fix pagenavigation margins

1.0.9 (25.04.2012)

Fix pagination display; fix error page (J!1.5); fix display of separator elements in menu (J!1.6+)

1.0.8 (10.04.2012)

Add support of css/custom_preload.txt URL list; add example of webapp icons and splash screen; fix Pagebreak and Page Navigation content plugins in J!2.5; fix navigation; improve scroll to anchors

1.0.7 (28.03.2012)

Fix scroll-to-anchor issue; add support of js/custom_preload.txt URL list

1.0.6 (19.03.2012)

Fix issue of placeholder for input/label with empty id/for attributes

1.0.5 (17.03.2012)

Fix for "params.ini is unwriteable" warning (Joomla! 1.5)

1.0.4 (17.03.2012)

Fix for possible Fatal error in template (Joomla! 1.5)

1.0.3 (16.03.2012)

Added support for js/custom.js

1.0.2 (16.03.2012)

Fixed issue of php short tag (Joomla! 1.6 and further)

1.0.1 (15.03.2012)

Fix for possible Fatal error in template (Joomla! 1.5)

1.0.0 (15.03.2012)

First release

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