Flat Mobile Joomla! Template Launches

Flat Design Mobile Joomla! template

Flat design is a trend lately featured grandly by Google Now and Windows 8 (and Facebook), emphasizing solid colors, clean layouts and sharp typography, and leaving behind beveled edges, gradients, shadows and reflections.

We wanted to make it possible for also you to update your or your clients' websites to use a new, clean, 'flat' design look. So, ladies and gentlemen, please meet our latest template, now using flat design: Flat Mobile Joomla! template!

Designed as delicately as our previous Elegance Mobile Joomla! template, the Flat Mobile Joomla! template is based on JQuery Mobile Flat UI project.

Flat Mobile Joomla! template works seamlessly with our Mobile Joomla! Extensions, such as the Social Sharing Buttons Mobile and Google Maps Mobile.

Feature highlights:

  • 7 different predefined color schemes
  • 9 different AJAX animations for page transitions
  • Open source, fully customizable using custom CSS and JavaScript
  • App mode for full screen browsing on iPhone
  • Compatibility with Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1

Like all our premium products, when you buy Flat Mobile Joomla! template you also get access to our premium support forum and you will get 1 full year of product updates, new features and fixes.

(To give you some idea, since launching our Elegance template last year, we've released over 30 updates to it, including multiple new features and also new compatible extensions..!)


Flat Mobile Joomla! template Flat Mobile Joomla! template Flat Mobile Joomla! template Flat Mobile Joomla! template Flat Mobile Joomla! template

Extra Launch Offer: Get Extra 3 Months To Your Subscription

We will give 3 extra months as a bonus to your subscription time when you purchase any Mobile Joomla! premium product between June 1 - June 7.

Mobile Joomla! Club subscription offers now more value than ever: you get access to both the Elegance and Flat Mobile Joomla! templates, all Mobile Joomla! Pro features, as well as all of our 10+ Mobile Joomla! extensions.

You will automatically get the offer when you purchase within the campaign period. So go and get Mobile Joomla! Pro or Club, or opt for Elegance or the Flat Mobile Joomla! template.

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