iOS 9 Mobile Joomla! Template Release Notes

1.0.14 (04.03.2019)

Updated Login module layout for Joomla! 3.x; fixed login layout of Users component for Joomla! 3.x; fixed duplication of "#" URL item in submenu of menu module; fixed menu module layout in Joomla! 2.5

1.0.13 (28.11.2018)

Changes are listed here: Premium templates: November 2018 Update

1.0.12 (25.12.2017)

Fixed support of iOS 11 in Add-to-Home script

1.0.7 (16.06.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! 2.1.10 released and Premium Templates updates

1.0.5 (14.03.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! 2.1.5 + Premium Template Updates Released

1.0.3 (11.01.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! templates update: Elegance 2.0.8, Flat 2.0.8, iOS9 1.0.3, Square 1.0.2

1.0.2 (27.11.2015)

Fixed blank screen in Joomla! 1.5

1.0.1 (24.11.2015)

Reduce html page size in non-IE browsers

Fixed processing of Page Break and Page Navigation plugins

Remove popup padding

Fixed link to documentation

1.0.0 (12.10.2015)

First release

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