Mobile Joomla! Pro Release Notes

1.2.10 (19.11.2013)

Fix homepage detection in J!3.x; fix redirect to mobile subdomains for non-SEF URLs; update mobile email cloaking; update AMDD database

1.2.9 (20.09.2013)

Improve support of language files (translations); fix work in raw mode

1.2.8 (16.07.2013)

Fix homepage detection in J!3.x; update backend design; fix proxy caching issues; fix caching issue; disable indexing of "forced" mobile versions by search engines; fix issue with incorrect email cloaking; update AMDD database

1.2.7 (22.03.2013)

Fix incorrect functionality of MJ's Extension manager in desktop mode; fix incorrect functionality of MJ's Extension manager in the case of two modules with identical titles; fix displaying of embedded large-width videos; fix notice in backend (J!3.0)

1.2.6 (28.02.2013)

Support of RTL languages; display subitems of "aliases" in Mobile Menu module; fix MJ's module manager and "Force as homepage" issue; update AMDD database (support BB10)

1.2.5 (21.01.2013)

The AMDD plugin is updated with improved support of Windows Phone 8, game consoles, Smart TVs, and many other devices; Improved screen size detection in Mobile-Simple plugin; Updated Remote Device Database API

1.2.4 (19.12.2012)

Fix issue with caching (J!1.5); fix issue with mobile homepage in menu (J!1.6+)

1.2.3 (11.12.2012)

Fix issue with pagination on mobile homepage; fix possible warning in MJ's Extension Manager; fix display of external images; reduce filesize of rescaled jpeg images (by removing comment header); update AMDD database; fix work with online device database in PHP 5.0 & 5.1

1.2.2 (23.11.2012)

Fix incorrect device detection because of conflict with Mobile-Simple plugin

1.2.1 (07.11.2012)

Separate setting for jpeg quality of retina images; improved support of Windows Phone 8 in Mobile-AMDD plugin; support device=auto parameter to reset site mode to default device mode

1.2.0 (09.10.2012)

Joomla!3.0 support; fix simulator issue with mobile subdomain; data necessary to generate retina-quality images are included into AMDD database, so this feature will work in offline mode too

1.1.2 (10.08.2012)

Fix update via cpanel icon; Update AMDD library (over 900 devices, browsers and bots were added/updated); Speed up remote database access by predetecting most popular desktop browsers; Improve png compression (php 5.1.3 or higher is required); Fix caching issue in the case of enabled "Retina Images" feature

1.1.1 (13.07.2012)

Fix redirect from subdomain to main domain (to full site version) (12.07.2012)

Fix warning in the case of incorrect template directories

1.1.0 (11.07.2012)

First release

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