Mobile Joomla! Pro Release Notes

2.1.49 (22.01.2021)

Extracted Mobile_Basic template from the package

2.1.48 (05.01.2021)

Fixed highlights in com_search results in the Mobile_Basic template; Fixed content's swatch theme inheritance in the "Mobile - Proxy Module" module; Fixed incorrect module displayed in the case of identical titles in the "Mobile - Proxy Module" module; Updated AMDD database

2.1.47 (20.05.2020)

Fixed issue with lazy image loading and disabled javascript; Added "Lazy iframe load" option; Updated AMDD database

2.1.46 (28.04.2020)

Fixed demo favicon.ico inspection

2.1.45 (19.04.2020)

Fixed installation of demo logo image and demo favicon in the mobile_basic template; Added demo favicon.ico inspection; Added plugins ordering inspection; Removed support of iOS6 icons from Mobile_Basic template; Updated AMDD database

2.1.44 (05.12.2019)

Fixed homepage detection issue caused by a conflict with 3rdparty extension; Fixed compatibility with System-Cache plugin in Joomla!3.8+

2.1.43 (04.12.2019)

Fixed protocol in requests to in MJ Pro; Updated AMDD database; Minor performance optimizations

2.1.42 (16.08.2019)

Fixed processing of exclusion rules in the Mobile_Basic template's css/custom_preload.txt file; Fixed error in mod_feed layout file (Joomla!3.x); Added support of * wildcard in custom_preload.txt files' exclusion rules; Updated AMDD database

2.1.41 (11.06.2019)

Fixed issue with asynchronous loading of the lazy image loading script; Fixed modules duplication in legacy templates; Fixed js/css filtering using custom_preload.txt in Mobile_Basic; Added "queryless" comparison for URLs in custom_preload.txt (Mobile_Basic template)

2.1.40 (14.05.2019)

Fixed possible warnings in mod_menu overrides for Joomla!3.0-3.5; Fixed issue with global $ variable in "Remove Other jQuery Libraries" mode of Mobile_Basic template; Fixed issue with lazy image loading

2.1.39 (10.05.2019)

Fixed warning "Illegal string offset in ModuleHelper.php"

2.1.38 (09.05.2019)

Fixed issue with detection of "Force as homepage"; Fixed support of "Target Window" menuitem's parameter in Mobile_Basic template

2.1.37 (06.05.2019)

Fixed possible XSS vulnerability in the jQueryMobile framework used by Mobile_Basic template; Fixed incorrect detection of "Force as homepage" in POST requests; Fixed issue with "Load MooTools" option in Mobile_Basic template

2.1.36 (22.04.2019)

Fixed work of disabled "Optimize CSS" mode; Fixed support of swatch-* parameter in module's class suffix; Fixed "Load MooTools" option in Mobile_Basic template for Joomla! 1.5

2.1.35 (28.03.2019)

Fixed notice-level message in Proxy Module module; Fixed compatibility with some legacy extensions; Fixed layout of Mobile_Basic template in Joomla!1.5; Fixed possible installer issue in Joomla!1.5; Updated AMDD database

2.1.34 (04.03.2019)

Fixed duplication of "#" URL item in submenu of menu module; Fixed menu module layout in Joomla! 2.5; Fixed displaying of unpublished modules in Proxy Module module; Fixed work of Proxy Module module in Joomla! 1.5; Fixed position of counters in Content's category view; Proxy Module now uses its "Show Title" and "Module Class Suffix" options for displayed module

2.1.33 (20.02.2019)

Fixed login layout of Users component in Mobile_Basic template for Joomla!3.x

2.1.32 (15.02.2019)

Updated Login module in Mobile_Basic template for Joomla!3.x

2.1.31 (28.01.2019)

Fixed lazy image loading; Updated AMDD database

2.1.30 (21.12.2018)

Fixed error in settings of "Mobile - Proxy Position" and "Mobile - Proxy Module" modules

2.1.29 (12.12.2018)

Fixed mobile pages in POST requests; Fixed work of Mobile Switcher module; Fixed ordering in category layout of Mobile_Basic template in Joomla! 3.x; Fixed tmpl=component mode of Mobile_Basic template; Fixed several warnings in Page Optimizer; Added notifications about legacy Mobile-TeraWURFL and Mobile-Scientia plugins; Added SEO settings (see Advanced tab); Removed robots meta-tag for subdomains; Removed jQuery 1.7.2, 2.0.3, and 2.1.4 from Mobile_Basic to reduce package size; Improved category view of Mobile_Basic template; Performance optimizations

2.1.28 (09.11.2018)

Fixed issue with non-SEF URLs; Fixed issue with canonical tag in desktop mode of Mobile Switcher module; Fixed sending of notification emails after autoupdate

2.1.27 (02.11.2018)

Fixed issue with homepage redirection in Joomla! 3.x

2.1.26 (01.11.2018)

Fixed separate Image sections; Improved support of Joomla! 3.x in Mobile_Basic template; Updated AMDD database (over 5000 new devices)

2.1.25 (24.04.2018)

Fixed remote device connection fallback; Fixed changing of ads.txt; Fixed several possible warnings in PHP 7.2+; Fixed loading animation in jQuery Mobile framework; Updated AMDD database

2.1.24 (10.11.2017)

Fixed issue in JavaScript merging

2.1.23 (07.11.2017)

Fixed merging of JavaScript; Fixed merging of CSS; Fixed CSS parser; Fixed processing of @import in CSS optimizer; Fixed parsing of <menu> tag in HTML5 parser; Enable support ads in ads.txt; Fixed lazy image loading in IE8

2.1.22 (09.10.2017)

Fixed settings page of Mobile Basic template with disabled MJ plugin; Fixed auto updating notification by email; Fixed issues with CSS parsing and optimization; Fixed issues with JS optimization; Added support of srcset attributes; Added check of available memory in image optimizations; Updated Lazy Load XT script; Updated AMDD database

2.1.21 (10.07.2017)

Fixed update via popup; Fixed remote database connection timeout in MJ Pro; Updated AMDD database

2.1.20 (07.07.2017)

Fixed rendering of Mobile Basic template

2.1.19 (06.07.2017)

Fixed issue with image lazy loading

2.1.18 (29.06.2017)

Fixed compatibility with Joomla!3.7; Fixed processing of non-standard JPEG and PNG images; Fixed CSS parser; Fixed issue with merging of subsequent javascripts before </body> Fixed merging of Javascript and CSS in the "stream" optimizer mode; Fixed merging of Javascript and CSS with "onload" attribute; Fixed processing of <noscript> tags; Updated AMDD database

2.1.17 (10.03.2017)

Fixed issue with SEF links on mobile homepage; Updated AMDD database; Reduced total package size

2.1.16 (11.01.2017)

Fixed affecting of raw format; Fixed image lazy loading in "stream" html optimizer

2.1.15 (21.12.2016)

Fixed "Too many redirects" conflict with System - Language Filter plugin; Fixed file caching in MJ Pro on Joomla!1.5; Fixed memcache caching in Joomla!1.5; Fixed menu subitems layout in Mobile Basic template; Minor performance improvements

2.1.14 (27.11.2016)

Fixed image rescaling issue; Fixed image lazy loading issue; Updated AMDD database

2.1.13 (09.11.2016)

Fixed updating of MJ Basic; Improved performance; Updated AMDD database

2.1.12 (11.10.2016)

Fixed lazy image loading in AJAX requests; Fixed MJ cache cleaner file locks issue; Updated AMDD database (support iOS 10)

2.1.11 (19.07.2016)

Added collapsible menus in Mobile_Basic template; Fixed issue with backend access using HTTPS; Fixed sticking to mobile version after using preview mode; Added jQuery 2.2.4 (instead of 2.2.3); Updated AMDD database

2.1.10 (15.06.2016)

Fixed settings page of "Mobile - Forever" plugin; Fixed layout for "Mobile YouTube" plugin; Fixed editing of css/custom.css file from Basic Mobile template settings; Original unoptimized images are stored as filename.ext.orig (instead of filename.orig.ext); Allow iframes in "Remove unsupported tags" mode

2.1.9 (17.05.2016)

Fixed URL minification

2.1.8 (26.04.2016)

Improved performance; Fixed lazy image loading issues; Fixed warnings in PHP 7; Added jQuery 1.12.3 and 2.2.3 in Mobile_Basic template; Updated AMDD database

2.1.7 (29.03.2016)

Fixed loading of language file in PHP prior to 5.3; Fixed recreation of .htaccess file in Mobile_Basic template; Fixed issue with browser's caching of icons in Mobile_Basic settings; Fixed issue with uploading of icons on Windows servers; Added jQuery 1.12.2 and 2.2.2 in Mobile_Basic template

2.1.6 (16.03.2016)

Fixed work of the MJ Proxy Module module; Fixed merging of <style> tags; Fixed few possible PHP Notices

2.1.5 (11.03.2016)

Fixed issue with sidebar panel; Fixed issue with work of submit buttons in 3rdparty extensions; Fixed issue with merging of javascript files; Fixed issues with update to new version from settings page; Fixed Save confirmation popup in Joomla! 1.5; Fixed displaying of expiration notices in Joomla! 1.5-2.5; Fixed issues with "Fast optimizer" mode; Fixed update from MJ versions previous to 2.1.1; Added jQuery 1.12.1 and 2.2.1 in Mobile_Basic template; Added Troubleshootings section in Mobile_Basic template's settings; Updated AMDD database; Updated self-test inspections

2.1.4 (04.12.2015)

Added background images optimization; Fixed PNG optimization; Fixed cache cleaner in "Distribution method: PHP" mode

2.1.3 (27.11.2015)

Added image optimization; Fixed work of Mobile_Basic template in Joomla! 1.5; Fixed processing of empty "script" and "style" tags

2.1.2 (23.11.2015)

Fixed update using control panel icon; Fixed saving of empty "Exclude menu items" field; Updated AMDD database

2.1.1 (18.11.2015)

New option: Experimental fast page optimizer; Fixed issue with "Exclude menu items" option; Splitted MJ plugin into core and page optimization plugins; Added missed jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js library

2.1.0 (04.11.2015)

New options: Reorder attributes, Remove default attributes, Remove IE conditionals; New options: Minify inlined JS and CSS; New options: Exclude list (JS and CSS); Improved performance; Fixed Non-blocking JS feature; Fixed issue with TinyMCE editor; Fixed JS and CSS merging; Fixed page width in preview emulator; Fixed warning in layout of Content-PageNavigation plugin; Fixed layout of Content-Pagebreak plugin; Fixed lazy loading of images in collapsing modules; Fixed text truncation in error messages area; Fixed homepage links minification in non-SEF mode; Automatic cache cleaner

2.0.12 (16.10.2015)

Fixed Fatal Error for unknown device mode (fallback to desktop instead); Fixed conflict of Lazy Loading and JComments Mobile plugin

2.0.11 (08.10.2015)

Fixed issue with minification of CSS; New options: Merge embedded CSS, Merge embedded JS; Fixed support MySQL(PDO) driver; Added Nexus 5 preview in Community/Basic version

2.0.10 (25.09.2015)

Fixed issue with 5xx error in Mobile_Basic template

2.0.9 (25.09.2015)

Fixed issue with optimization of *.min.css files

2.0.8 (25.09.2015)

Fixed compatibility issue with 3rdparty plugins in Mobile_Basic template; Fixed html optimization settings

2.0.7 (22.09.2015)

Fixed issue with unoptimized content in System-Cache plugin; Fixed issue with javascript optimization (failed on regexp in return statement); Optional server-side optimization; New settings: Merge CSS, Merge JS, Load external, Catch errors, Non-blocking JS

2.0.6 (17.09.2015)

Fixed error in ProxyModule module

2.0.5 (16.09.2015)

Updated AMDD database

2.0.4 (10.09.2015)

Fixed Fatal error "Class not found"

2.0.3 (10.09.2015)

Added backward compatibility with legacy templates; Fixed autoupdate; Fixed unnecessary loading of DOMtastic script; Added iPhone 6 Plus webapp icons and splash screen; Updated jQuery; Fixed issue with lazy loading script

2.0.2 (03.09.2015)

Fixed change of "Distribution method" parameter; Fixed work in subdirectory; Improved update from 1.2.x

2.0.1 (14.08.2015)

Fixed update from 2.0.alpha; fixed popup module style

2.0.0 (12.08.2015)

New redesigned version

1.2.15 (22.04.2015)

Fix caching in Joomla 1.5; Fix rendering of "heading" menuitem type

1.2.14 (31.03.2015)

Fix processing of img tags in script and style content

1.2.13 (16.02.2015)

Fix support of alias menu items in Mobile Menu module; Improve screen size detection in Mobile-Simple plugin; Update AMDD database

1.2.12 (01.09.2014)

Fix async loading of updater notification css; Fix possible displaying of JavaScript sources in mobile_iphone template; Update AMDD database

1.2.11 (06.06.2014)

Async loading of external resources in MJ backend; Disable caching of MJ's Extension Manager requests; Update AMDD database

1.2.10 (19.11.2013)

Fix homepage detection in J!3.x; fix redirect to mobile subdomains for non-SEF URLs; update mobile email cloaking; update AMDD database

1.2.9 (20.09.2013)

Improve support of language files (translations); fix work in raw mode

1.2.8 (16.07.2013)

Fix homepage detection in J!3.x; update backend design; fix proxy caching issues; fix caching issue; disable indexing of "forced" mobile versions by search engines; fix issue with incorrect email cloaking; update AMDD database

1.2.7 (22.03.2013)

Fix incorrect functionality of MJ's Extension manager in desktop mode; fix incorrect functionality of MJ's Extension manager in the case of two modules with identical titles; fix displaying of embedded large-width videos; fix notice in backend (J!3.0)

1.2.6 (28.02.2013)

Support of RTL languages; display subitems of "aliases" in Mobile Menu module; fix MJ's module manager and "Force as homepage" issue; update AMDD database (support BB10)

1.2.5 (21.01.2013)

The AMDD plugin is updated with improved support of Windows Phone 8, game consoles, Smart TVs, and many other devices; Improved screen size detection in Mobile-Simple plugin; Updated Remote Device Database API

1.2.4 (19.12.2012)

Fix issue with caching (J!1.5); fix issue with mobile homepage in menu (J!1.6+)

1.2.3 (11.12.2012)

Fix issue with pagination on mobile homepage; fix possible warning in MJ's Extension Manager; fix display of external images; reduce filesize of rescaled jpeg images (by removing comment header); update AMDD database; fix work with online device database in PHP 5.0 & 5.1

1.2.2 (23.11.2012)

Fix incorrect device detection because of conflict with Mobile-Simple plugin

1.2.1 (07.11.2012)

Separate setting for jpeg quality of retina images; improved support of Windows Phone 8 in Mobile-AMDD plugin; support device=auto parameter to reset site mode to default device mode

1.2.0 (09.10.2012)

Joomla!3.0 support; fix simulator issue with mobile subdomain; data necessary to generate retina-quality images are included into AMDD database, so this feature will work in offline mode too

1.1.2 (10.08.2012)

Fix update via cpanel icon; Update AMDD library (over 900 devices, browsers and bots were added/updated); Speed up remote database access by predetecting most popular desktop browsers; Improve png compression (php 5.1.3 or higher is required); Fix caching issue in the case of enabled "Retina Images" feature

1.1.1 (13.07.2012)

Fix redirect from subdomain to main domain (to full site version) (12.07.2012)

Fix warning in the case of incorrect template directories

1.1.0 (11.07.2012)

First release

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