Square Mobile Joomla! Template Release Notes

1.0.22 (16.09.2019)


1.0.21 (16.09.2019)

font preloading; performance optimizations

1.0.20 (16.08.2019)

Fixed processing of exclusion rules in the Mobile_Basic template's css/custom_preload.txt file; Fixed error in mod_feed layout file (Joomla!3.x); Added support of * wildcard in custom_preload.txt files' exclusion rules

1.0.19 (11.06.2019)

Fixed js/css filtering using custom_preload.txt; added "queryless" comparison for URLs in custom_preload.txt

1.0.18 (14.05.2019)

Fixed support of "Target Window" menuitem's parameter; fixed incorrect URLs rebase in AJAX navigation; fixed issue with global $ variable in "Remove Other jQuery Libraries" mode; changed text color in swatch C (from #333 to #ccc)

1.0.17 (06.05.2019)

Fixed possible XSS vulnerability in the jQueryMobile framework; fixed issue with id duplication in the case of AJAX navigation; fixed issue with "Load MooTools" option

1.0.16 (01.05.2019)

Fixed processing of script tag contents in AJAX mode; fixed path to sample logo image; changed search popup to be borderless and auto-focused

1.0.15 (23.04.2019)

Fixed inheriting of theme swatch styles; sync styles with jQueryMobile 1.4.5 codebase

1.0.14 (22.04.2019)

Fixed issue with URL escaping of AJAX-loaded of scripts/styles; fixed support of swatch-* parameter in module's class suffix; fixed "Load MooTools" option for Joomla! 1.5

1.0.13 (04.03.2019)

Updated Login module layout for Joomla! 3.x; fixed login layout of Users component for Joomla! 3.x; fixed duplication of "#" URL item in submenu of menu module; fixed menu module layout in Joomla! 2.5

1.0.12 (28.11.2018)

Changes are listed here: Premium templates: November 2018 Update

1.0.11 (25.12.2017)

Fixed support of iOS 11 in Add-to-Home script

1.0.6 (16.06.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! 2.1.10 released and Premium Templates updates

1.0.4 (14.03.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! 2.1.5 + Premium Template Updates Released

1.0.2 (11.01.2016)

Changes are listed here: Mobile Joomla! templates update: Elegance 2.0.8, Flat 2.0.8, iOS9 1.0.3, Square 1.0.2

1.0.1 (27.11.2015)

Fixed blank screen in Joomla!1.5

1.0.0 (25.11.2015)

First release

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