Mobile Joomla! Club FAQ

What's Mobile Joomla! Club?

Mobile Joomla! Club is a special all inclusive subscription where you have 1 year access to all Mobile Joomla! products.

Is there any checklist I should see before I buy Mobile Joomla! Club?

Since Mobile Joomla! Club subscription includes many different products, we highly recommend you to read Before you buy Mobile Joomla! Club notification.

Read also the Mobile Joomla! Pro FAQ.

  • Mobile Joomla! Pro
  • Elegance Mobile Joomla! template
  • Flat Mobile Joomla! template
  • Kunena Mobile Joomla! extension
  • JComments Mobile Joomla! extension
  • Do you have Developer licenses / Can I install Mobile Joomla! Club on multiple domains/sites?

    We don't offer unlimited-domain Developer licenses at the moment. As per our Licensing terms, each Mobile Joomla! Club license is valid for one domain/site. Since we provide support service for each customer, we can't offer a plan for unlimited domains for now. However, if you need licenses for multiple sites, please contact us for bulk discounts via hello at

    What are the licensing terms?

    Each product coming with Mobile Joomla! Club subscription has their licensing information. Please see Mobile Joomla! Licensing FAQ.

    I have more questions that are not answered here, what can I do?

    We have a dedicated Pre-sales forum for such questions. You can ask us any question before you buy, we are there to answer.

    Ready to buy? Purchase Mobile Joomla! Club now!

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