Mobile Joomla! Pro FAQ

What's Mobile Joomla! Pro?

Mobile Joomla! Pro is the advanced version of Mobile Joomla! packed with advanced features like Remote device detection, iPad support, online device simulator, backup & restore and more. Mobile Joomla! Pro is used to optimize Joomla! website delivery to each mobile device accessing the site, supporting devices from old feature phones to latest smartphones and tablets.

I already have a responsive design template / other "mobile-ready" template, why should I get Mobile Joomla! Pro?

You can still use Mobile Joomla! Pro to optimize the content delivery to mobile device and thus speed up and enhance the mobile user experience. Responsive templates and other mobile-ready templates don't do server-side optimization, which means that all resources used for the desktop version will be sent to the mobile devices as well, just the layout is different. Downloading e.g. 1MB over 3G can take 25 seconds, and mobile network connection quality varies greatly.

With Mobile Joomla! Pro you can choose to get a separate template for mobile users, such as Elegance Mobile Joomla! template, or keep using your existing desktop theme if it can display the site for mobile devices. In the latter case Mobile Joomla! will optimize the content of your site for each device according to their capabilities, which results in smaller page size, i.e. faster loading times and better user experience. This means the user experience will be much better for mobile users that don't need to wait for desktop images and other resources to download using their lower bandwidth. This is something that the responsive and other "mobile-ready" template don't do. Vast majority of big websites use server-side mobile detection and not just e.g. client side media queriers.

Are there any prerequisites?

The best way to ensure Mobile Joomla! Pro is compatible with your server is to install and try Mobile Joomla! first. If Mobile Joomla! works fine and does not display any compatibility error, Mobile Joomla! Pro shall work fine without any problems on your server.

We recommend you to try and setup your mobile site with Mobile Joomla! first and upgrade to Mobile Joomla! Pro if you are satisfied with results.

Is there any checklist I should see before I buy Mobile Joomla! Pro?

Apart from this FAQ, you should check Before you buy Mobile Joomla! Pro document.

How Can I Purchase Multiple Licenses?

At the moment, each Mobile Joomla! Pro license is valid for one domain/site. If you want to purchase licenses for multiple domains, please create a new username for each domain/license. Our account management system works this way, as we have many customers who manage the websites of their own clients.

Do you have Developer licenses / Can I install Mobile Joomla! Pro on multiple domains/sites?

We don't offer unlimited-domain Developer licenses at the moment. As per our Licensing terms, each Mobile Joomla! Pro license is valid for one domain/site. Since we provide support service for each customer, we can't offer a plan for unlimited domains for now. However, if you need licenses for multiple sites, please contact us for bulk discounts via hello at

Will my mobile site work better if I buy Mobile Joomla! Pro?

Mobile Joomla! Pro is the advanced version of Mobile Joomla! When you upgrade to Mobile Joomla! Pro, you will have access to more features and your site will perform better. If your mobile website is not working with Mobile Joomla!, Mobile Joomla! Pro will not be a solution to fix that.

Which devices does Mobile Joomla! Pro support?

Mobile Joomla! has a Remote Device Detection feature, which detects devices online. Compared to Mobile Joomla! which uses an offline device detection mechanism, this means more up-to-date device database. This ensures, your mobile site will display correctly, even on the devices introduces this week, without needing to wait for a Mobile Joomla! update.

Does the online device database feature have any limitations?

To use the online device database instead of the offline version, your server needs to support remote connections - read more from the Mobile Joomla! Pro requirements. The remote device detection has a limit of 200,000 detections/month currently, which should be well enough for most sites. We have also options for those who need more, though - if that is the case, please contact us to discuss further. Should your traffic approach the limit later on, we will contact you in advance.

What template does Mobile Joomla! Pro use for tablets?

It is up to you - you can select a specific template to display when a tablet device visits your site. Mobile Joomla! Pro is capable of recognizing iPad/tablet users, and you can choose to send them to the desktop, mobile, or separate tablet version. Tablet support feature requires that you have a tablet-compatible template, such as Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template, or any other one capable of displaying your site optimized for tablets.

Is there a demo I can see Mobile Joomla! Pro in action?

You can direct your mobile browser to and see how Mobile Joomla! Pro looks and feels for your visitors. Please note that demo site may have premium templates and extensions, which may require separate purchase.

How much does Mobile Joomla! Pro cost and what's included?

Mobile Joomla! Pro's normal price is $119/year. Within the one year period, it includes access to premium support forums, documentation and all updates.

What does premium support mean?

We have an exclusive premium support forum, where Mobile Joomla! Pro users can get help for their problems. We are monitoring this forum daily and do our best to solve any problem you may have.

Is premium support provided 24/7?

We are dedicated to provide you the best customer support experience. However, our official working hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-17:00 EET (UTC+2). Out of the working hours, our response times may be slightly longer.

Why don't you have public documentation/support?

To avoid unfair situations (i.e illegal distributions) and to provide a better privacy and support to our premium fans, we keep our documentation and support private.

How frequently is Mobile Joomla! Pro updated?

We are continuously maintaining and improving our product. There may be updates from 3 times a day to couple of times a month, based on the need. See Mobile Joomla! Pro Release Notes to get a better idea.

What are the licensing terms?

Please see Mobile Joomla! Licensing FAQ.

I have more questions that are not answered here, what can I do?

We have a dedicated Pre-sales forum for such questions. You can ask us any question before you buy, we are there to answer.

If I purchase Mobile Joomla Pro, does that include the Remove Support Ads module and the Mobile Joomla! Insider's Guide or do I have to purchase them additionally?

Both the Remove Support Ads module and the Mobile Joomla! Insider's Guide are included as part of your Pro purchase. Pro doesn't display ads anyway, though.

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