Asking for help and reporting problems

Asking for Help

We may face problems sometime using with Mobile Joomla!. If you experience a problem with Mobile Joomla!, you can find a solution in the following way:

1) First of all, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. They contain instructions what to do in the most of the common error situations. Often the case is that your hosting provider does not provide the necessary quality of PHP hosting to make Mobile Joomla! run smoothly. In these cases, the instructions hint you what might be wrong with the hosting.

2) If you can’t find an answer in the FAQ, please search our community support forums for an answer. Often we have already earlier solved similar issues that you can learn from.

3) If you still couldn’t find an answer, post a message to our community support forums. To get help quickly and effectively, your question must contain enough background and technical details to be answerable.

  • The Joomla! version you are using and the Mobile Joomla! version you are using.
  • Your hosting provider’s name.
  • Your hosting package’s name.
  • Your website’s address (if public).
  • Which phones or browsers you have tested. Also, it is good to provide the exact user agent string using our user agent identifying service. The user agent tells how Mobile Joomla! sees your browser or a mobile device. If there are any problems with browsers or devices they can be tracked down using the user agent string. You can check your user agent by entering this URL with your mobile browser: 
  • It is good to test many browsers or user agents. If you do not have several devices in your possession, please see the next chapter in this book for ways to test your site.
  • Other details of your hosting environment that you might know: PHP version, MySQL version, operating system and its version.
  • The detailed error messages. You must copy and paste these - the community members are not mind readers and do not magically know what happens on your screen. 
  • Confirmation that you have read frequently asked questions and you did not find your question answered there. If you post a question to an issue, which has been answered many times before this might be considered as lazy or rude behavior on your behalf. The community is eager to help you, but will not work for you for free.

Tip: If you have purchased any Mobile Joomla! premium product, you can use our Premium email supports.

Video Tutorials

Mobile Joomla! video tutorial is available at Open Source Training. Big thanks to Open Source Training providing this material.

3rd-party language packs

For installation of other languages, please see this forum link:

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