New Look and Extensions Directory

We have exciting news! We have just rolled out a new, enhanced website with a fresher outlook, and introduced some key enhancements to Mobile Joomla! There is now an Extensions Directory to customize and improve your Mobile Joomla! site, including for example YouTube, Search, and Login modules. We will introduce more of them soon. We would also appreciate your feedback and suggestions on which Joomla! extensions we should mobilize. Please go to our forum to tell us what you want to see.

As many have noted, we are spending a great deal of time maintaining and updating Mobile Joomla! for free to all. As our community and team gets bigger, so does our needs to keep up such demanding effort. In order to keep this going on and take our project further, we are now investigating for ways to make the support sustainable. Thus, please notice that the latest Mobile Joomla! version renders a Google ad unit at the very bottom of each page. It should be fairly unobtrusive to users of your mobile site. In a short time, we will launch a paid extension that will allow you to remove the ads very simply.
We kindly ask you to either keep the ad unit in its place, or remove the ads with the upcoming official paid module to support Mobile Joomla! development.

Thanks everyone for your continuing support, we look forward to making big things happen this year!

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