Leaving a year and 2,500,000 mobilized Joomla! pages behind

It's been only 1 year since Mobile Joomla! is released as an invitation only alpha, with an ambition to be the best solution to mobilize all Joomla! web sites out there. In only one year, we became a growing community of 35,000 passionate users, mobilizing over 2,500,000 Joomla! pages, and the most popular mobilization solution on Joomla! Extensions Directory with a 4,55 / 5,00 average rating. Thank you very much to you all, who support us and make this happen.

Leaving a successful year behind, we also would like to give a sneak peak for the upcoming: Next year, we hope to work even harder and bring you an improved Mobile Joomla! experience with faster core engine, Mobile Joomla! Extensions and many more new features. Please stay tuned with us by subscribing our RSS feed and following us on Twitter.

And one more thing: If you like what we do and would like to support us, please share this story with Joomla! community and help us reach to those who do not know about Mobile Joomla! yet. You can also boost our motivation by rating Mobile Joomla! at Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Happy new year!!

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