Mobile Joomla 0.9.9 released

Here is the Mobile Joomla! 0.9.9 update!

You can download the latest version from Mobile Joomla! Download page. Update your Mobile Joomla! and let us know your comments on Mobile Joomla! Forums.

Mobile Joomla! 0.9.9 improvements:

  • "Mobile Sitename" setting has been added to modify the default site name
  • "Use style to force image size" setting has been added to override image sizes hardcoded in css-styles
  • Several MarkupChooser module bugfixes
  • Image rescaler now correctly detects changes in the original images
  • Fixed issues related to running Mobile Joomla on PHP 4.x versions (only PHP 5.x is still officially supported)
  • Latest handset info from WURFL database
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

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