Bepaint your mobile template!

For many years our Mobile Elegance template supports ThemeRoller tool to create new color styles, but other templates were limited to distributed color presets only. And now we are happy to present you Template Colorizer, the tool that allows changing template colors (e.g. to match your desktop template):

Short usage guide

  1. Select the swatch (color theme) letter name to change (e.g. "A").
  2. Click on the input field to change (e.g. "Background").
  3. Choose a new color either 1) using pop-up (click on the color circle in the bottom right corner to apply) or 2) by typing color's hex code.
  4. Repeat the above procedure for other fields and swatches.
  5. Copy generated CSS style, and append it to template's css/custom.css file.

That's all. Happy creativity!

PS. Note that background color may be overwritten in the templates settings, so don't forget to update or reset it if necessary.

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