Mobile Joomla! 2.1.25 security update released

This new Mobile Joomla! version includes the following updates, including a security update for the free Community version users. If you use the Community version 2.1.24, please update to the latest version.


  • Fixed remote device connection fallback
  • Changed how the ads.txt file for MJ Community version is handled
  • Fixed several possible warnings in PHP 7.2+
  • Fixed loading animation in jQuery Mobile framework
  • Updated AMDD database

Security info for the users of Community version 2.1.24: previously the Community version added a file called ads.txt (recommended by Google) if it was missing from your webserver in order to show the support ads. This on the other hand meant that if you were also showing ads on your site and did not notice Google's notification about adding your own domain(s) to the file, there may have been a risk that you might have lost some advertising impressions. However, the new version 2.1.25 has been updated so that the ads.txt file is not created unless it already exists. If it exists, MJ simply adds a clearly marked line in the file. The line is removed if MJ is uninstalled. If you use the Community version 2.1.24, please update to this latest version 2.1.25.

As always, you can update to the new version from your administrative panel via the Mobile Joomla! Remote Update feature, or by downloading the Mobile Joomla! package and installing it from the backend. Do not forget to backup your website before the update!

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