New support ad types for better support

Maintaining an open source product is not easy, it requires lots of time and resources not only to develop, but also to support. Lately, we’ve been feeling that it’d be great to have more people on board to help you on the public support forums. Since we are running on a tight budget, we started to brainstorm how we could make that happen. Raising our premium product prices or compromising quality would not be an option, so we thought that testing a new type of mobile ads within the Mobile Joomla! Community version would be the most reasonable way to go.

It’s important for us that those ads to be as unobtrusive as possible. The current ad type we are testing display a pop-up notification to the mobile visitor on iPhone or Android phone, if/when a visitor has scrolled down to the bottom of a page, i.e. already consumed the content of the page. We would like to keep these ads as discreet as possible, and therefore if the user closes/skips the ad, it will only reappear to that user after at least 48 hours. If closed again, the ad won't show until at least one week. After that, it's hidden for a minimum of one month.

So far we've gotten some feedback and understood that there are certain types of websites, like those of educational organizations, for which these kinds of ads are somewhat poor fit and which don't have enough budget even for Mobile Joomla! Basic, our completely ad-free version. Therefore, we are happy to offer our Community users a way to opt out of these new ads, simply by sending an email to us with the subject "Ads opt-out" to .

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments on this, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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