Become Mobile Joomla! 2.0 Beta Tester!

Update August 12, 2015: You can now download Mobile Joomla! 2.0 directly from our normal Download page!

Hey folks! We've been a bit quiet for a while, but now it's time to open up more about what we've been up to: Mobile Joomla! 2.0!

We are currently in the final Release Candidate phase, ironing out the remaining issues, polishing stuff and testing different environments. We're rolling out the official version in the next few weeks !

Some of the most interesting features of Mobile Joomla 2.0 include:

  1. Easier setup and better out-of-the-box functionality
  2. Improved image resizing to boost page load performance
  3. Better performance via page minification
  4. Ability to remove parts of page sources on mobile (or desktop, for that matter) using "ress-media" attribute
  5. IE conditional comments removal on non-IE browsers
  6. Improved the gzip compression
  7. Better performance by Javascript combination and minification
  8. Faster loading pages by CSS combination and minification
  9. Improved performance by removing unnecessary browser-specific CSS properties (apart from the visitor's browser)
  10. CSS rule split via media queries and loading the required files only
  11. Extended lazy loading of images and videos
  12. Automatic responsive script loading (like FastClick, FitVids, Add to Home, etc.) and viewport tag

You can get early access by joining the Beta tester group to help us to spot and iron out any issues in the new release and ensuring smooth out the install process for everybody.

Update August 12, 2015: You can now download Mobile Joomla! 2.0 directly from our normal Download page!

Thank you!


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