Welcoming Lazy Load XT for jQuery: Lazy Load Images, Videos and Other Media

We have released Lazy Load XT, a new jQuery plugin for lazy loading of images, videos and other media elements to the jQuery community out there.

Lazy Load XT for jQuery - mobile Youtube videos

Previously this plugin was included in our Flat and Elegance templates. Lazy Load XT is able to significantly speed up loading of image and/or video-heavy webpages.

Since this plugin is not Joomla! dependent we decided to make it available as a separate project. You can have a look at the Lazy Load XT demo page where you can see this plugin at work and test it in different browsers. All feedback is welcome!

Usage is rather simple: just load jQuery and Lazy Load XT javascript files and rename "src" attribute to "data-src" in your <img> tags. We've designed the tool to suit most use cases without any extra configuration. Additional ways to extend the plugin are described in documentation.

This plugin is part of the CMS-independent RESS.io project devoted to advance combined client-side and server-side responsive web design. Stay tuned, as we are going to release more improved responsive web design techniques! Naturally all our Mobile Joomla! users benefit from the new development and techniques as well!

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