Server Upgrade Completed!

Hi all, over the past week we have been working to upgrade our server environment to manage our growing community (that's you!) better. Unfortunately, we encountered server issues in the beginning of last week when doing a software update. We faced problems due to MySQL update and our team needed to spend a good deal of last week working to restore our website stability.

We are happy to report that the issues seem to be resolved. Mobile Joomla! is now running on brand new hardware and updated server environment. We should be faster than ever, and this upgrade guarantees us the resources needed for further growth and allows us to focus on further improving our product this year.

In any case, if you happen to notice any issues with our website or your Mobile Joomla! user data, please contact us at /customersupport at and we'll help you out.

We would like note that our service downtime last week should not have affected your mobile websites running Mobile Joomla!. Those parts of our product which have an online component, like the support ads module and Mobile Joomla! Pro online device database, have been designed to gracefully revert to offline mode in case of connection issues. Mobile Joomla! Pro especially includes caching and offline device database for this reason.

Apologies for the issues and the occasional inability to access your MJ account. Thanks for your support and understanding - we look forward to growing bigger and better with you this year!

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