Improved Mobile Joomla! Mobile Device Support And New Releases

Today brings us a bunch of new version releases to our major products! We have improved Mobile Joomla's mobile device support and are launching Mobile Joomla! 1.2.3, Mobile Joomla! Pro 1.2.5, and Mobile Joomla! Elegance Template 1.2.4.

As mentioned, most of changes are related to improved device detection. We now cover almost 16,000 device and bot profiles in the AMDD database, and over 23,000 in the Mobile Joomla! Pro remote database!

And as of today, our device databases include also other device categories in addition to phones, smartphones, and tablets! Mobile Joomla! processes them in following manner:

  • Smart TVs are mapped to the usual desktop mode
  • TV Game Consoles are mapped to the desktop mode too
  • Portable Game Consoles are mapped to the smartphone mode

Please find below more detailed description of the changes for Mobile Joomla! and Elegance.

Mobile Joomla! Standard and Pro

  • The AMDD plugin is updated with improved support of Windows Phone 8, game consoles, Smart TVs, and many other devices
  • Improved screen size detection in “databaseless” Mobile-Simple plugin
  • Updated Remote Device Database RDDB API (MJ Pro)
  • ScientiaMobile plugin is updated to the latest ScientiaMobile API (MJ Standard only)

Mobile Joomla! Elegance Template

  • Fixed display problems with Windows Phone 8
  • Updated add-to-homescreen feature to the latest version
  • Added support for iPad Retina webapp icon (144x144 px)
  • Included samples of iPad icons (72x72 and 144x144 px)
  • Added support for additional webapp startup images:
    • 640x920 iPhone retina
    • 640x1096 iPhone 5
    • 768x1004 iPad portrait
    • 1024x748 iPad landscape
    • 1536x2008 iPad retina portrait
    • 2048x1496 iPad retina landscape

Go and download the latest versions of Mobile Joomla! and Mobile Joomla! Pro, and Mobile Joomla! Elegance Template now!

As normal, please take a backup before upgrading to the new versions.

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