Mobile Joomla! Pro and Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template 1.2.1 Released

Hey there! A quick note that we have just released 1.2.1 updates to Mobile Joomla! Pro and Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template. The new versions include the following improvements:

Mobile Joomla! Pro

  • Separate setting for jpeg quality of retina images: you can now choose the jpeg quality level (0-100%) used for retina images.
  • Improved support for Windows Phone 8 in the offline version of Mobile-AMDD plugin
  • Support for device=auto parameter, which can be used to reset mobile view mode ( | iphone etc.) to default mode. (Can be useful in case your browser has any issues switching between modes)

Mobile Joomla! Retina image scaling settingMobile Joomla! Retina image scaling setting

Elegance Mobile Joomla! Template

  • It's now possible to use also jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 (backward compatibility with Elegance 1.1.x) instead of jQuery Mobile 1.2.0
  • Added support for anchor_css parameter mobile menu module
  • Fixed onBeforeCompileHead event
  • Fixed possible "Strict standards" notice in Joomla! 1.5

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