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Choosing a hosting company is one of those decisions that many don’t ponder for too long, but might end up regretting sometime later. A good hosting service is kind of invisible - when everything works and potential issues are handled quickly and thoroughly, you don’t think about it at all in everyday business. But if things go wrong, it surely affects your whole web business, sometimes with detrimental results. Even if there are no catastrophes, you might end up in surprising obstacles and time-consuming issues when you have a need to change some advanced settings or extend the functionality.

The perfect website hosting is fast, reliable, affordable, and totally secure. Also of essence is that it is always possible to get fast and helpful responses to any support questions and requests. And when Joomla! is the platform of choice, it’s great if the hosting partner also understands Joomla! and related needs and requirements. For us it’s also important that Mobile Joomla! runs perfectly on a hosting environment.

SiteGround’s servers are perfectly optimized for running Joomla! and we’ve tested that Mobile Joomla! runs great in Siteground’s environment as well (something that isn’t always granted). They ofer shared hosting, semi-dedicated services, cloud VPS and fully managed dedicated solutions. Furthermore, a benchmark speed test commissioned by SiteGround in May 2012 showed that SiteGround reached better results than the majority of 17 leading general hosting companies as well as a few Joomla! specific companies (think BlueHost, DreamHost, FatCow, GoDaddy, Rochen, etc.), using the same Joomla! installation with sample data.

Here are some of the distinctive features of SiteGround that we favor the most:

  1. Three global geolocations
    Siteground has datacenters in three geographical locations, in the USA (Chicago, Illinois), Europe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and in Singapore Each customer can choose where to host his/her website and achieve the maximum loading speeds for the targeted markets.
  2. Unique Shared Hosting Security
    Shared hosting is the most massively used, but since it accommodates many users on one server, there are some inherent security problems. For example, on a shared server it is common for a whole machine with hundreds of active websites on it to be down due to a single vulnerable account. One of SiteGround’s inventions is unique software that isolates shared hosting accounts in a way no one has done before. It isolates the accounts from each other and does not allow the whole server to be affected through a single user.
  3. Unique Server Setup For Maximum Loading Speed
    SiteGround has deployed a unique combination of hardware and in-house customized software to form a setup that’s been architected and tested to brings up the best results, i.e. amazing loading speed to users. They currently run powerful hardware with RAID and store MySQL on SSD hard drives. Also the Apache and the PHP handlers are tweaked to provide the fastest performance possible, supported by their custom caching mechanisms.
  4. Unique Server Monitoring For The Best Uptime
    Another piece of software invented by SiteGround is a proactive monitoring system that sees the server status in real time and resolves more than 90% of the server performance issues instantly, with no human interaction needed. That means there will be not be typical cycle of first detection time of several minutes and then a reaction time of several minutes that add to cumulated downtime.
  5. Fast and Secure Joomla! Installation
    SiteGround provides a thoughout tutorial and Softaculous, a quick installer, to get Joomla! up within seconds. SiteGround also has developed a security extension, jHackguard, to protect Joomla websites hacking attacks like SQL Injections, Remote URL/File Inclusions, Remote Code Executions and XSS Based Attacks.
  6. Fast Support
    SiteGround has 24/7 ticketing, phone, and chat support. They advertise average ticket response time of 15 minutes, average phone call wait time of 5 seconds, and no practical wait time with online chat.

As a Joomla user, you can also get free Joomla tutorials, free Joomla templates and extensions along with the standard features you’d expect from a hosting provider.

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