Mobile Joomla! Features

Joomla! Website mobilization

Mobile Joomla!® is the best way to mobilize your Joomla! site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all other phones. Mobile Joomla! supports Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0-3.9

Responsive Template Booster

Responsive templates are great, however, they are very heavy on mobile data. Mobile Joomla! boosts your responsive template performance up to 500% on mobile devices.

Advanced Device Detection

Responsive templates and other Joomla! mobilization solutions are able to get a very limited number of information about mobile devices visiting your site. Using advanced device detection mechanisms, Mobile Joomla knows each and every device inside out, and displays compatible and optimised content. Your visitors get the best user experience aligned with your brand and spend less time and money to access information they need.

Advanced Image Adaptation

Images on your website are meant for desktop view with larger resolution and file size. Mobile Joomla rescales and optimizes images using advanced image rescaling algorithms to fit the mobile device screen size, which not only displays the sharpest images possible, but also reduces data traffic saving time and money for your visitors.

Flexible Layout Settings

Using flexible layout settings of Mobile Joomla!, you can fine tune the content displayed per each device category.

Multi Site Support

When a mobile device visits, Mobile Joomla! automatically displays the mobile view. Using multi-site support feature, you can also define a custom domain (, a generic subdomain ( or a dedicated subdomain (

Subdomain Redirection

If you are using multi-site support, Mobile Joomla! seamlessly redirects your visitors to the correct domains or subdomain for the best experience.

Advanced Device Categorization

Mobile Joomla not only detects mobile device types, but also it's smart enough to tell which device family a device belongs to i.e desktop/tablets, iOS, smartphones, chtml-based and wap-based phones. In this way, you can assign most convenient mobile template for each, ensuring the highest possible user experience for your visitors.

Remote Update

Keeping your Joomla! extensions up to date is not only a good practice when it comes to improvements and new features, but also is a good security measure. With remote update feature, when new version of MJ is available, you will get notified on Joomla Administrator panel and update instantly.

Advanced Module Assignment

Using Mobile Joomla! advanced module assignment features, you can change names of module positions from Mobile Joomla! control panel to use common or special position on desktop and mobile templates.

Module Support

Mobile Joomla! comes with a rich set of mobile modules for a better mobile experience for core Joomla! modules. There are also many more extensions available at Mobile Joomla! Extensions directory.

Server Caching

With Server Caching feature, Mobile Joomla! stores device capabilities on your server, which ensures your content gets served within the fastest time possible, without the need to identify a similar device again.

Device Caching

Why to download content of the page your visitor already visited? Using device caching, Mobile Joomla! enables your visitors to browse your website faster and easier.

Premium Template Support

Mobile Joomla! comes with great looking default mobile templates and also supports premium templates, for those who want a different look and feel. Check Elegance Template

Premium Extension Support

There are almost 10,000 3rd party Joomla! extensions on Joomla! Extensions Directory. Each and every of them have a different look, purpose and functionality. With increasing number of Mobile Joomla! extensions, you can offer a tailor-made mobile experience for many popular Joomla! components, plugins or modules.

Public Forum Support

You downloaded Mobile Joomla!, went through the documents, but there is this one tricky issue you are not sure how to solve? We are there to help you to solve any issues on Mobile Joomla! Forums.

No Support Ads

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to develop and maintain a great open source project. In order to make sure a healthy and on going project, free version of Mobile Joomla! displays Support Ads on your mobile website. By purchasing Mobile Joomla! Pro, you will not only gain access to many new features, but also Support Ads will not display on your mobile website.

Remote Device Detection

There are thousands of different mobile devices out there and many more added to the list every single day. With regular Mobile Joomla! releases, we also add newly introduced devices to the device database. However, Remote Device Detection feature coming with Mobile Joomla! Pro ensures that your mobile website will always display seamlessly with every new device out there, as they are introduced to the market. You won't need to wait for another update and install it manually. Also, you can reduce the size of your server SQL database used to store handset data.

Backup And Restore Settings

You finally reached the perfect setup and your mobile website displays nice and smooth with Mobile Joomla! What happens if something goes wrong with your server, or you'd like to use the same perfect setup for another website? Mobile Joomla! Pro allows you to backup & restore your settings, so that you can backup and restore your settings for the bad days, and at the same time use your settings on different websites with ease.

iPad & Tablet Support

Since tablets come with large screens and advanced browsers that can display almost every website, Mobile Joomla! does not interfere when a tablet visits your site. However, for those, who'd like to offer a complete tablet experience for iPad and other tablet devices, Mobile Joomla! Pro allows your to assign templates for visitors browsing your site with tablet devices

Online Device Simulator

How does your mobile website display on different devices? Do you own at least the most popular devices for testing your mobile website? No worries! Mobile Joomla! Pro comes with an online device simulator, so that you can test mobile websites with various phones from the backend interface with just one click.

HD/Retina Images

Retina display, sound familiar? Millions of devices come with advanced screens that are capable of displaying high density and quality images. Mobile Joomla! Pro enables delivers HD/Retina quality images for such devices for the best user experience for your visitors.

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