iOS 9 Moble Joomla! template FAQ

What's iOS9 Moble Joomla! template?

iOS9 Moble Joomla! template is a Mobile Joomla! template based on JQuery Mobile framework. You can find details at the iOS9 Mobile Joomla! template page.

Are there any prerequisites?

iOS9 Moble Joomla! template requires Mobile Joomla! 2.0.x or later.

Is there any checklist I should see before I buy iOS9 Moble Joomla! template?

Apart from this FAQ, you should check Before you buy iOS9 Mobile Joomla! template document.

Will my mobile site work better if I buy iOS9 Moble Joomla! template?

iOS9 Moble Joomla! template is a template, which means it will improve your mobile website's look, style, interface and performance, but not it's functionality. If your mobile website is working with Mobile Joomla! (standard templates), after you start using iOS9 Moble Joomla! template it will look and perform better. If your mobile website is not working with Mobile Joomla! well, iOS9 Moble Joomla! template will not fix that.

Which 3rd party Joomla! extensions does iOS9 Moble Joomla! template support?

iOS9 Moble Joomla! template supports all native Joomla! features, (almost) all existing Mobile Joomla! extensions and all upcoming ones. 3rd party Joomla! extensions are not supported, unless they are listed at iOS9 Mobile Joomla! Template Compatibility page.

Which devices does iOS9 Moble Joomla! template display well on?

iOS9 Moble Joomla! template template is based on JQuery Mobile framework. You can see the list of devices at JQuery Mobile graded browser support page.

Is there a demo I can see iOS9 Moble Joomla! template in action?

You can direct your mobile browser to and see how iOS9 Moble Joomla! template looks and feels. Please note that demo site may have premium extensions, which may require separate purchase.

What does premium support mean?

We have an exclusive premium support forum, where iOS9 Mobile Joomla! template users can get help for their problems. We are monitoring this forum daily and do our best to solve any problem you may have.

Is premium support provided 24/7?

We are dedicated to provide you the best customer support experience. However, our official working hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-17:00 EET (UTC+2). Out of the working hours, our response times may be slightly longer.

Why don't you have public documentation/support?

To avoid unfair situations (i.e illegal distributions) and to provide a better privacy and support to our premium fans, we keep our documentation and support private.

What's the licensing terms?

Please see Mobile Joomla! Licensing FAQ.

I have more questions that are not answered here, what can I do?

We have a dedicated Pre-sales forum for such questions. You can ask us any question before you buy, we are there to answer.

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