Mobile Joomla! Basic FAQ

What's Mobile Joomla! Basic?

Mobile Joomla! Basic is the ad-free version of Mobile Joomla! It's meant for commercial use, but we also use the funds we generate to maintain Mobile Joomla! Community free.

I already have a responsive design template / other "mobile-ready" template, why should I get Mobile Joomla! Basic?

You can still use Mobile Joomla! Basic to optimize the content delivery to mobile device and thus speed up and enhance the mobile user experience. Responsive templates and other mobile-ready templates don't do server-side optimization, which means that all resources used for the desktop version will be sent to the mobile devices as well, just the layout is different. Downloading e.g. 1MB over 3G can take 25 seconds, and mobile network connection quality and especially so-called round-trip latency varies greatly.

With Mobile Joomla! Basic you can choose to get a separate Joomla! template for mobile users, such as Elegance or Flat Mobile Joomla! template, or keep using your existing desktop theme if it can display the site for mobile devices. In the latter case Mobile Joomla! will optimize the content of your site for each device according to their capabilities, which results in smaller page size, i.e. faster loading times and better user experience. This means the user experience will be much better for mobile users that don't need to wait for desktop images and other resources to download using their lower bandwidth. This is something that the responsive and other "mobile-ready" template don't do. Vast majority of big websites use server-side mobile detection and not just e.g. client side media queries.

Are there any prerequisites?

The best way to ensure Mobile Joomla! Basic is compatible with your server is to install and try our free Mobile Joomla! Community version first. If Mobile Joomla! Community works fine and does not display any compatibility error, Mobile Joomla! Basic shall work fine without any problems on your server.

We recommend you to try and setup your mobile site with Mobile Joomla! Community first and upgrade to Mobile Joomla! Basic/Pro/Club if you are satisfied with results.

Is there any checklist I should see before I buy Mobile Joomla! Basic?

Apart from this FAQ, you should check Before you buy Mobile Joomla! Basic document.

How Can I Purchase Multiple Licenses?

At the moment, each Mobile Joomla! Basic license is valid for one domain/site. If you want to purchase licenses for multiple domains, please create a new username for each domain/license. Our account management system works this way, as we have many customers who manage the websites of their own clients.

Do you have Developer licenses / Can I install Mobile Joomla! Basic on multiple domains/sites?

We don't offer unlimited-domain Developer licenses at the moment. As per our Licensing terms, each Mobile Joomla! Basic license is valid for one domain/site. Since we provide support service for each customer, we can't offer a plan for unlimited domains for now. However, if you need licenses for multiple sites (5-10+), please contact us for bulk discounts via hello at

Will my mobile site work better if I buy Mobile Joomla! Basic?

Mobile Joomla! Basic is the advanced version of Mobile Joomla! Community. If your mobile website is not working with Mobile Joomla! Community, Mobile Joomla! Basic will not be a solution to fix that.

What are the licensing terms?

Please see Mobile Joomla! Licensing FAQ.

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