Before you buy Mobile Joomla! Basic

Recommended: Try Mobile Joomla! Community first

Mobile Joomla! Basic includes the same advanced features as our free product Mobile Joomla! Community, except that it is targeted for commercial website projects with the exclusion of the Mobile Joomla! support ads and backlink. We strongly recommend you to try and setup your mobile site with Mobile Joomla! Community first and upgrade to Mobile Joomla! Basic, Pro, or Club if you are satisfied with the results. If your mobile website is not working with Mobile Joomla! Community the way you like, Mobile Joomla! Basic will not be a solution to fix that.

Check requirements & compatibility

The best way to ensure Mobile Joomla! Basic is compatible with your server is to install and try Mobile Joomla! Community first. If Mobile Joomla! Community works fine and does not display any compatibility error, Mobile Joomla! Basic shall work fine without any problems on your server.

However, if you do not wish to install Mobile Joomla! Community beforehand, you can check our Mobile Joomla! Basic requirements & compatibility checklist before purchasing Mobile Joomla! Basic.

Ask us at Pre-sales Forum

We would like to make sure you do not experience any bad feelings after purchasing any of our products, therefore we encourage you to make sure you know what you are purchasing beforehand. If you have any questions, we are there to answer at Presales Forums before you buy Mobile Joomla! Basic.

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