Mobile Joomla! Pro Requirements

The best way to ensure Mobile Joomla! Pro is compatible with your server is to install and try Mobile Joomla! first. If Mobile Joomla! works fine and does not display any compatibility error, Mobile Joomla! Pro shall work fine without any problems on your server.

However, if you do not wish to install Mobile Joomla! beforehand, you can check the requirements & compatibility checklist below before purchasing Mobile Joomla! Pro:

  • GD2 library
  • 32Mb (or higher) memory limit
  • 10Mb free disk space
  • 5Mb database space

Remote Device Detection

One of the great features of Mobile Joomla! Pro is the online Remote Device Detection. In order this to work, your server should support remote connections. You can check this by contacting your hosting provider and asking if your server package supports at least one of the following:

  • Remote connection using stream functionality of PHP (file_get_contents function). allow_url_fopen parameter should be enabled in php.ini
  • Remote connection using fsock library
  • Remote connection using curl library

In case your server does not support remote connections, you will not be able to use online Remote Device Detection, but your mobile website will work fine since Mobile Joomla! Pro will automatically use offline device detection coming with the component. This will also not affect any other Mobile Joomla! Pro feature.

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