Re-built from scratch with an ultra high performance mobile optimization engine, simple setup and clear user experience, Mobile Joomla! 2 is the best mobilization for your Joomla! website


Simple setup

It just works!

Simpler setup, designed to work out-of-the-box

Advanced settings

Simple, yet advanced

Streamlined admin view, yet more extensive settings

Improved mobile Template

New mobile template

Greatly improved default mobile template

All about Mobile Performance
(a.k.a. "Let's give that Google Pagespeed number a real boost!")

  • Improved image resizing to boost page load performance
  • Better performance by Javascript combination and minification
  • Extended lazy loading of images and videos
  • Faster loading pages by CSS combination and minification
  • Better performance via page minification
  • Improved the gzip compression for extra performance boost
  • Ability to remove parts of page sources on mobile using "ress-media" attribute
  • Improved performance by removing unnecessary browser-specific CSS properties on specific sessions
  • IE conditional comments removal on non-IE browsers
  • Automatic responsive script loading* (like FastClick, FitVids, Add to Home, etc.) and viewport tag (*Mobile Joomla! Pro only)

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