Mobile menus

Mobile menus are Joomla! menus which are available on mobile site only. The trick is that you assign menu module to a mobile specific position slot in the module editor.

Creating a mobile specific menu by copying an existing web menu

Here is an example how to create such menu

  • Go Joomla! administration
  • Go to Menu Manager
  • Choose Main Menu -> Copy
    • New Menu Title: Mobile Menu
    • New Module Name: mobile_menu
    • Press Copy
  • Now you can edit mobile_menu to link to items you want to have visible on the home screen of your mobile site

Assigning a menu to mobile site

This is how to assign a menu as main menu of the mobile site.

  • Go to Extensions -> Manager
  • Filter by module and choose any of existing mobile menu modules. You can find them by looking position of mj_iphone_middle, mj_wap_footer or mj_smartphone_header2.
  • Click module
  • On right hand, in menu drop down choose Mobile Menu (the menu you just created)

You can also delete extra created mobile_menu module created above if you are just going to override the existing main menu.

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