Mobile menus

Mobile Menus

Mobile menus are Joomla! menus, which are available on the mobile site only. In this section, we will see how to convert a web-specific menu into a mobile-friendly menu.

Creating Mobile Menu

Now we will create a mobile-specific menu. Let’s follow the below steps to create one such menu.

  • Go to Joomla! administration.
  • Go to Menu Manager
  • Click “New” to create new mobile menu, fill Title and Menu Type fields (e.g. “Mobile Menu” and “mobilemenu”, correspondingly), and Save result
  • Add menu items to new menu. It’s highly recommended to use “System Links/Menu Item Alias” item type to populate mobile menu with aliases to existing (desktop) menu items.

Assigning a Menu to Mobile Site

Here we are going to see how to assign a menu as main menu of the mobile site. We will go through the below process.

  • Go to Extensions→Module Manager.

  • Filter by module and choose existing mobile menu module. You can find them by looking position of mj_panel.

  • Then click the Menu module.

  • On right hand, in menu drop down choose Mobile Menu (the menu you just created).