New Alpha Version is Out!

After just two weeks releasing the first version, thanks to the great amount feedback from our community, now it is time for the next release!

What's New
- The whole installation procedure improved, reduced to just one single step.
- Mobile device detection got a substantial increase of speed and also is more accurate.
- Memory usage is greatly optimized to work even with the most limited configurations.
- And several fixes for PHP4 guys (although we still do not support it)
How to Install or Upgrade
For those who were lucky enough to get the first release, it is advisable to uninstall your Mobile Joomla! component first, instead of upgrading directly, just for this one time. Then proceed with the new package and enjoy even better and faster Mobile Joomla!
First timers can directly go on with installing.
What's up with invitations?
Those who already got invited will be able to get their upgrades directly from the download page. Those who haven't, we will continue distributing invitations on a first-come first-served basis. (and yes, if you have already stated your request last week and did not get your invitation, you're up in the row, no need to restate it)
Remember, feedback of nice people lead in nicer improvements. So do not hesitate to keep in touch with us in our forums, either asking for help, telling your complaints or for a plain 'thank you', so that it gets even better!


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