New Look and Extensions Directory

Saturday, 15 January 2011 16:37

We have exciting news! We have just rolled out a new, enhanced website with a fresher outlook, and introduced some key enhancements to Mobile Joomla! There is now an Extensions Directory to customize and improve your Mobile Joomla! site, including for example YouTube, Search, and Login modules. We will introduce more of them soon. We would also appreciate your feedback and suggestions on which Joomla! extensions we should mobilize. Please go to our forum to tell us what you want to see.

As many have noted, we are spending a great deal of time maintaining and updating Mobile Joomla! for free to all. As our community and team gets bigger, so does our needs to keep up such demanding effort. In order to keep this going on and take our project further, we are now investigating for ways to make the support sustainable. Thus, please notice that the latest Mobile Joomla! version renders a Google ad unit at the very bottom of each page. It should be fairly unobtrusive to users of your mobile site. In a short time, we will launch a paid extension that will allow you to remove the ads very simply.
We kindly ask you to either keep the ad unit in its place, or remove the ads with the upcoming official paid module to support Mobile Joomla! development.

Thanks everyone for your continuing support, we look forward to making big things happen this year!


Mobile Joomla 0.9.10 released

Friday, 14 January 2011 00:00

Here is the Mobile Joomla! 0.9.10 update!

You can download the latest version from Mobile Joomla! Download page.

Update your Mobile Joomla! and let us know your comments on Mobile Joomla! Forums.

Mobile Joomla! 0.9.10 improvements:

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Scheduled website downtime in the weekend January 15-16th

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 21:57

We will be doing a major update to the Mobile Joomla! website in the coming weekend. There will be scheduled downtime between Saturday January 15th 2011 9am GMT and Sunday 16th 9pm GMT. The site may be available at times during this period, but expect abruptions in service.
You can also follow our notifications on Twitter.

After the update we will be announcing exciting new features, so stay tuned!


Leaving a year and 2,500,000 mobilized Joomla! pages behind

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 00:00

It's been only 1 year since Mobile Joomla! is released as an invitation only alpha, with an ambition to be the best solution to mobilize all Joomla! web sites out there. In only one year, we became a growing community of 35,000 passionate users, mobilizing over 2,500,000 Joomla! pages, and the most popular mobilization solution on Joomla! Extensions Directory with a 4,55 / 5,00 average rating. Thank you very much to you all, who support us and make this happen.

Leaving a successful year behind, we also would like to give a sneak peak for the upcoming: Next year, we hope to work even harder and bring you an improved Mobile Joomla! experience with faster core engine, Mobile Joomla! Extensions and many more new features. Please stay tuned with us by subscribing our RSS feed and following us on Twitter.

And one more thing: If you like what we do and would like to support us, please share this story with Joomla! community and help us reach to those who do not know about Mobile Joomla! yet. You can also boost our motivation by rating Mobile Joomla! at Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Happy new year!!


Wanted: PHP/Joomla! Developer

Sunday, 12 December 2010 23:40

We are looking for an exceptionally talented Developer to work with Mobile Joomla! development and help us mobilize Joomla! extensions.

Ideal Candidate
You are an individual developer (no agencies or firms please), with an impressive track record and proven hands-on experience over the years. You have worked with Joomla! extensively, and have excellent skills in PHP and Javascript. Mobile, Android, and/or iPhone development experience is an advantage. You are a great communicator (English), who can take initatives and deliver great results in short time. You will be working as a part of a virtual team and you are able to participate everyday Skype discussion during predefined hours.

Must have qualities:

  • Strong PHP expertise
  • Strong JavaScript expertise
  • Strong MySQL expertise
  • Strong CSS expertise
  • Strong Joomla development experience (themes, components)


  • JQuery experience
  • JQTouch experience
  • Mobile/iPhone/Android development expertise
  • Understanding of UI/UX design


The position can be full time or (regular) part-time. For an exceptionally good person we have also an opportunity to become a partner.

Please contact us ASAP at /dev at and introduce yourself and your accomplishments.


Mobile Joomla 0.9.9 released

Monday, 06 December 2010 21:27

Here is the Mobile Joomla! 0.9.9 update!

You can download the latest version from Mobile Joomla! Download page. Update your Mobile Joomla! and let us know your comments on Mobile Joomla! Forums.

Mobile Joomla! 0.9.9 improvements:

  • "Mobile Sitename" setting has been added to modify the default site name
  • "Use style to force image size" setting has been added to override image sizes hardcoded in css-styles
  • Several MarkupChooser module bugfixes
  • Image rescaler now correctly detects changes in the original images
  • Fixed issues related to running Mobile Joomla on PHP 4.x versions (only PHP 5.x is still officially supported)
  • Latest handset info from WURFL database
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

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Mobile Joomla! hits 20,000 registered users!

Thursday, 23 September 2010 21:53

We are very excited and humbled to announce that we have now passed 20,000 registered users who are a part of Mobile Joomla! community. With an increasing rate of 250 new members a day and hitting over 100,000 visits a month, we are happy to see our hard work is paying off. We are glad to receive such response from all of our community members, and positive reviews on Joomla! Extension Directory.
We very much welcome all your feedback to make Mobile Joomla! better and better. If you want to express your satisfaction, please do so by giving us a rating at, which definitely boosts our motivation in a positive direction. If you are interested in supporting the Mobile Joomla! development by contributing to the code base, please see our previous post for instructions.
We are planning to expand and roll out new features very rapidly, and have lots of cool upcoming plans for the Autumn. Subscribe our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to stay on top of the latest news.
It would also be very interesting and useful to know your view, which are your favorite Joomla! templates and extensions that you think we should consider mobilizing for you?

Mobile Joomla 0.9.8 released

Wednesday, 22 September 2010 09:30

Here is the Mobile Joomla! 0.9.8 update! Update your Mobile Joomla! and let us know your comments on Mobile Joomla! Forums.

You can download the latest version from Mobile Joomla! Download page.

Mobile Joomla! 0.9.8 improvements:

  • Double slash URL problem fix for resized images
  • TeraWURFL 2.1.3 update
  • WURFL update
  • Default device detection improvements
  • Installation process improvements
  • Homepage detection fixes and improvements


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